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on spec leveling etc...

Personally speaking... Elemental leveling since 8.0.1 is painful! Enhance feels so much smoother, flow, and A LOT less "downtime"

I'm doubling mob DPS as enhance as well. I'm sure there are other classes like this, but speaking personally... this seems to be an issue.
What did the Yak say specifically?
07/25/2018 07:55 PMPosted by Codeblocks
What did the Yak say specifically?

Posted by Ythisens
Hey guys! We've been discussing the continued concerns about the speed of leveling since the pre-patch and we have a couple of updates to share with you.

Since the pre-patch we've made a large number of hotfixes and changes to leveling content, and are continuing to find and fix bugs wherever possible. The intention was never to make leveling slower than it was in 7.3.5.

If you're still finding it slower that it was a couple of weeks ago after those hotfixes, specifics about where you are, what you're fighting, and what spec you're playing would be extremely helpful for identifying any remaining issues.

There is also a bit of weirdness at the moment with mob HP once you reach Legion content. Essentially due to de-powering the Artifact, we needed to make outdoor Legion mobs weaker than earlier content; otherwise, max level players would find themselves suddenly having a much harder time with outdoor world content such as World Quests. The development team realizes that this is resulting in a very jarring experience moving from Draenor to the Broken Isles, and plans to adjust Legion content to be more in-line with where it should be as leveling content in a future patch.

Thank you guys for your continued feedback on this!

Guess I'll renew my sub and whip out cash for BfA, posthaste.
Elemental was admitted (along with Enhance) to be busted on camera during a Q&A and they said we won't be getting any updates to the spec other than some obvious number tuning till 8.1.

As someone who plays Ele as a main alt of sorts, I can name a lot wrong with it off the bat that I dislike. First, the removal of the ability to multi-dot drives me insane. Flame shock having a CD is horrible feeling, and the fact that if it gets dispelled in pvp bothers me beyond words because I can't reapply it quick and easily. Legion Ele taught us to keep flame shock on a target at all times, apply it if it gets removed, and capitalize off of the procs.

The other thing I dislike immensely is the fact maelstrom generation feels as though it's been kicked in the dirt. Generating maelstrom is just painful at this point, especially in the pvp department.

Finally, the loss of Earthgrab Totem and Gust of Wind both feel awful. Having an on demand root helped immensely when kiting anything, including melee in pvp which there will be an abundance of once again in BFA given how specs have been tuned.

Overall, elemental was my favorite alt in Legion, and it's become something I absolutely refuse to touch till it's fixed and sees some major improvements. I don't even care that much about the loss of GoW or EG Totem. I care about Flame Shock feeling like an absolute waste of a global, and I immensely despise how much it's changed from Legion to BFA. Not because I dislike change, I love the new Fury and Survival specs.

But I despise that it just feels completely unfun compared to what it was in Legion. It's fine if you want the damage to be less, and it's fine if you want the spec to become a bit more stationary, but the feel of it, and what made it fun in Legion revolving around constant procs, and enjoying the feel of multi-dotting while doing some instant damage is completely lost in its current form, and it is discouraging.

Hopefully 8.1 brings some love back to Elemental. If not, I won't play it throughout BFA. It's just entirely unfun as it is right now.
@OP I can barely understand what you're saying, nevermind understand what specific feedback you're trying to give. It might be a good idea to rewrite your feedback more clearly, with more specifics.
I really wish that man would address the gold nerf in dungeons.
07/25/2018 08:06 PMPosted by Kaur
@OP I can barely understand what you're saying, nevermind understand what specific feedback you're trying to give. It might be a good idea to rewrite your feedback more clearly, with more specifics.

Let me help for the "English as a 3rd language people"....

Elemental... BAD
Enhance... GOOD

Blizzard asked people to tell them BAD specs. I am telling them.

there... understand now... lol

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