Ziqo on honor talents

Ziqo during his stream had a great idea for changing the honor talents. He proposed the idea of giving everyone the 2min trinket baseline. In replacement of that first tier decision (adept/normal trink/relentless) they allow us to pick a 4th pvp talent or give us the option to pick between a battle master health effect, a proc to increase main stat, or an on use effect to increase your main stat. Curious just to hear the community’s thoughts on this.

Side note: if you’ve been watching the arena tournaments, then you’ve seen the awareness and knowledge of the game ziqo has when he’s commentating. I hope blizzard at least pays some attention to the insight players of his caliber have
Wont BFA pvp trinkets already provide this option?

I'd rather see cc freedom trinket baseline and just have another talent option.
I really think a 4th honor talent would be my ideal outcome. I wouldn't mind baseline trinket - I know relent/adapt gives variety but honestly I just really don't think it added anything great to the game. As a frost mage atm my biggest disappointment is that PvP talent choices feel comparatively weak vs. what I would like them to. I'm sure this is the case for other classes as well. I'd like to see some PvP talents made a little stronger to give a little more feel when you take them. I'd also like to see the option for a 4th for the pure sake of allowing more customization and cater to playstyles.

One positive I do have to acknowledge is that it's really nice having PVP talents at least feel truly flexible (at least for mage it feels this way). There might be a best general 3 but it's not by any large margin.
Relentless and Adaptation are just obnoxious passive talents that play the game for you. I agree completely with Ziqo's idea.
This is a pretty common proposal and would go a long way towards making the game better.
4th talent trait would really be great. As a dh big darkness and reduced meta cd is mandatory the third will probably be 5 second banish or reverse. Just feels bad though. Maybe if meta wasnt a 4 minute cd and they removed reduced meta dh wouldnt feel so weak right now.
Please don't remove auto trinket I like free kills in casual pvp like world pvp/bgs.
I think a much bigger problem is mandatory talents vs garbage talents.

Most classes have at least 1 if not 2 mandatory talents that are just way too good to pass up. That leaves most classes with only 1 actual "choice"
every fotm for himself baseline (not gonna happen because micro transaction)
4th row pvp talent (1200 raiders will cry about having too many btns to press)
pvp trinket set bonus +dmg reduction/massive vers in pvp combat etc...

but again it wont happen because we are minority lulz
The problem with only 3 talents is that right now 2/3 are automatic every single game, with 1 changing once in awhile. All talents should be viable, and right now most seem underwhelming or down right useless.
they should just make not taking a trinket effect an option. as far as WPVP and bgs go id rather just not have the trinket and play for damage

Edit: ziqos idea is better im just saying that's another option
Can I get a quick Ziqo map analysis check, ty.
07/24/2018 10:24 PMPosted by Maxiqwarlock
they should just make not taking a trinket effect an option. as far as WPVP and bgs go id rather just not have the trinket and play for damage

Edit: ziqos idea is better im just saying that's another option
I'm cool with people being able to choose throughput vs CC vs CC breaks but it becomes ridiculously hard to balance and you could find yourself having to farm out like 6 different trinkets, swapping them out between each match. And not to mention how Blizzard always has difficulty balancing this in that it always swings heavily towards one side.
The idea isn't bad. But I was thinking that they can just add a 110 or 120 talent row and add bonus effect ability options for each honor talent we pick. For instance, if a shaman picks grounding, they can choose an option to gain 50% haste immediately after using grounding for 5 seconds or choose an option that resets the cooldown of healing stream totem after grounding as been used. Or another example is, if a rogue decides to take cold blood, they can choose from 1 of these optional abilities: Energy regeneration is increased by 30% for 10 seconds, or Backstab and Eviscerate cost 50% less energy for 10 seconds.
I'll take 12
Bump for good idea.
Yes plz great idea. I want a proc to manage again :3
Could we get a quick rundown from Ziqo on his latest map analysis check pls?KappaRoss
Thought everyone would have thought of this at some point. Its common sense really.
What about trinket baseline and then you had an option to get 5% of one secondary stat. With the lack of secondaries and random gear extra haste may make some classes feel a little better to play or extra crit on mage to get closer to shatter cap etc.

The only problem is I'm not sure how secondaries are going to scale as the expansion progresses whice could lead to some issues but if things go the way of low secondaries while main stat scales exponentially higher with ilvl then it probably wouldn't be bad.

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