Why play a Demon Hunter?

Demon Hunter
Like the others, I love double jump, fel rush and glide. I can't even play another class anymore, they feel slow and boring.
I keep pressing my dh bindings on them, most of the times just trying to fel rush, and keep dying from fall dmg because NO WINGS.
Also love my horns, blindfolds and tattoos.
All of these examples and opinions are perfect... :D
Some of you are to in love with Demons lol Try an Angel for once in your life beside the LIGHT has better Toys LOL.
I got my warlock to 120 and got pretty high item lvl and in a raiding guild, but I decided I couldn't be a warlock for yet another expansion.

I really adored demon hunters and the concept of them and used to read forums from people talking about why the class will never be playable, I wish i could find some of them just to bump it and taunt them.

This class is my legacy and its time I stopped admiring it from afar and actually played it. This class is my rite and I intend to embrace everything about it.
Mobility is one hell of a drug.
got wanted to try the demon hunter as i normally play death knights but i started, got past the squishyness of the class and ive been having fun,got wanted to try the demon hunter as i normally play death knights but i started, got past the squishyness of the class and ive been having fun
I play on an RP server and participate actively in RP so how classes are in lore is an important thing for me. DH's have a lot of elements that in my view make them very interesting characters to play as. They went through something so traumatic that it ended up killing 80% of them, usually through ways such as suicide or going so crazy that their peers had to put them down. They always have this malevolent demonic soul inside of them constantly trying to lead them to ruin. In many cultures they're hated or ostracized. Also, they tend to take on different unique traits depending on the demon they consume.

They just make very cool characters to me.

Mechanically I pretty much have to play momentum or I get way too bored but it sucks when demonic is usually better in pvp lol. The double jumps and mobility are really easy to fall in love with and that's a big draw for me, but the mindlessness of the rotation itself feels kinda bad.
They're mobile, and strong, and the double jump and wings are great in BGs.
Double jump + glide = win

I jumped off a cliff the other day to get a wq. Just doing slow figure eights all the way down. So awesome.

I have a mage, druid and shammy. None have the fun mobility as my dh.

Can't go back to slow pokin around.
I love the playstyle, the mobility, double jump and glide are so awesome to have in open world...well, anywhere really. I like the look, the lore...just an all around great class to play.
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Just curious on what makes people stick with playing a Demon Hunter? Not bashing them whatsoever, just curious on what people like about the class.

Do you like the class lore? The Play style? The mogs?

Or if you get into it more, How do you feel about being that "outcast"(Lore-wise)? Does that push you away from playing it or does it make you wanna play it even more? etc

What makes you wanna play a DH?

Its op, overloaded kit and deals too much damage. Its also pretty easy to play.
double jump, glide, illidan and lore.

I've always been attracted to light armor warriors in a lot of games. I originally hated havoc but loved vengeance. now I love both.

between monk, dh and outlaw rogue I can never decide which one I prefer the most combat wise but out of combat dh wins.

however if rogue could tank I would prob main rogue
I like being a demon lmao. Super fun, versatile talent builds and fast.
Been in love with this class ideology since wc3 and illidan drank from guldans skulls since BC I've been waiting for this.

The cool weapons the cool wings
Cool demonic form

Just love the aesthetics and game play overall

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