Were Any of the Other Pre-Patches Worse?

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WOD to me is the only one worse than this one.
07/26/2018 09:24 PMPosted by Legionkiller
WOD to me is the only one worse than this one.

This one reminds me of the WoD one for sure.

Not that the time gated questline. I don't mind that -overly- much. But the:

OMG Leveling is nerfed... It takes too long to kill things!
OMG Can't farm old raids! Things one shot me now!
This Squish is terrible!

Like now. XD

I should note the bad scaling then was kinda liked by a small margin of people.

Kinda like the Pro and Anti people now.
it's a pretty bad patch implementation. but they'll get it fixed.
07/26/2018 09:18 PMPosted by Kerlista
Wrath Zombies what was the worst. Nothing but a troll event.

Actually most of my friends had a blast with that one sans my one super anti-PVP friend (this guy won't even play a board/card game if it's not fully co-operative). The trick was to just have fun with it and understand that it was supposed to disrupt your routine.
I mean, most pre-patches have been pretty good, imo. The only one that was pointless was WoD's because it was just a short quest where you got a ball for a pet. Not to mention the awkward lore that happened where suddenly the portal turned red and EVERYONE just ran over to it to fight some regular looking Orcs.

This one is great, though.
The pre-patch for Vanilla was the absolute worst.

Fortunately, since the actual game was not available yet, nobody actually played the pre-patch, and they never saw how bad it was.

If people had seen that horrible patch, nobody would've ever bought the game itself. So we're really lucky we all missed it.
Wrath was the best by far, but they’re normally quiet. Between parts one and two of the War of Thorns, Lordaeron for prepurchasers, and that gigantic wPvp battles that have been breaking out in darkshore on a constant basis, I actually really like this prepatch. Sure it’s still light on stuff to do but they’ve always been like that.
No but there has been worse patches beyond this.

Ever heard of 5.3?
The good ol' debacle of Robot cats and forgetting the Alliance ever existed.
The good ol' Kor'kron invasions.
The good ol' Horde get an epic fight and recovery of a town and Alliance come in and talk to people.
In terms of content I don't think it's the worst prepatch at all. The pre-Cataclysm patch was just a bunch of quests about a doomsday cult in Stormwind, and I don't even remember the prepatch of Mists.

Most of the things people are complaining about concerns the actual transition from 7.3.5 to 8.0. And the bad news is that it affects far more than prepatch.
I literally can't remember the mists prepatch.

But everyone saying cata prepatch had nothing, weren't all the main cities attacked by elementals?
07/26/2018 08:03 PMPosted by Garmren
07/26/2018 08:00 PMPosted by Fizsalie
If you could dig up all the crap threads from the past pre-patch then you would see they were "ALL" the worst pre-patch

Sure, the majority of posters on the WoW Forums love to complain about everything, even the good stuff. But I'm not talking about old whinging, I'm talking about looking back at each one objectively.

I get'cha, I would say no this isn't the worst. I've seen wow launches far worse then this one, I seem to remember hour long queues and stuff being up and down for weeks.
MoP and WoD's were weakest. Could barely remember MoP's til someone twigged my memory. WoD - similarly, not much to say - at least we got a pet. Static continuously existing storyline p-ps don't really build excitement.

Imo, Blizz needs to put more resources into pre-patches as done previously. The active, slightly unpredictable p-ps were best imo - Legion was well done. An external threat which can come to us without warning or be chased down somewhere is interesting. Experience of the p-p colours how the expac will be received, gets ppl talking and (imo) even how it is viewed retrospectively.

[Ed. I am talking about content, not changes to mechanics, eg. Legion content was great, the changes to SV hunter were the worst of any expac.
according to the forum sulkers, every pre-patch is awful.

...yet.. in retrospect, they changed their minds.

go figure.
07/26/2018 10:23 PMPosted by Kronoin
I literally can't remember the mists prepatch.

But everyone saying cata prepatch had nothing, weren't all the main cities attacked by elementals?

Cata had retaking Gnomer and Echo Isles, plus cultists and elemental attacks. It was good. (Tho I thought EI was done more creatively than Gnomer).
Short answer; no.

Long answer; this pre-patch is extremely underwhelming and has me wanting to not play WoW ... maybe even give up on the expansion altogether now :(
07/26/2018 07:39 PMPosted by Snowfox
Every time it's called the end of wow.. or at least was until calling the end of wow became so ridiculously cliche people finally stopped saying it.

Stopped saying it.

Stopped saying it was/is the end of WoW.

On what planet did this happen, because it sure as hell ain't Earth.
Pre-expansion event for TBC: Go kill 12 demons. Now wait until the expansion launches because that's all you get.
Wrath had the Zombie invasion - which sucked, and was thankfully short. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Zombie_Infestation

Cata had the Elemental Unrest Arc, and the retaking of the Echo Isles / Gnomeregan. This lasted much longer, nearly the entire month of November in 2010 for the elemental parts.


Mists was the weakest event, a short scenario about the attack on Theramore Isle. This was covered extensively in the Tides of War novel, and the content was recycled at max level.

Warlords had the Iron Horde Incursion. A set of quests in the phase Blasted Lands, and the Alliance lost Nethergarde Keep. There was also a preview of Heroic Upper Blackrock Spire provided.


Legion had the Legion Invasion event:


BFA has the War of Thorns, which leads to the loss of Teldrassil.


Mists by far had the weakest content ahead of the expansion. That said, three of the events have resulted in The Alliance losing cities.

Really makes you wonder why the launch event can't start off with the Alliance capturing ground.
Crate farming in darkshore on a highly populated alliance server and gearing my alts with all 210 that is titanforging as high as 265. This pre-expansion event is definitely the best. Amazing catch up mechanics need to be appreciated for what it's worth. looted that crate 21 times in a row before i logged. 3 guaranteed pieces of loot an hour. got to love it. Thanks Blizzard!
Pre-patch for Burning Crusade was 100x worse than this in terms of class balance.

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