<A> No Moral Compass Recruiting (8/8)H

No Moral Compass is looking for DPS to come and raid with us for BFA! This is NOT a guild that expects you to parse top 10% or never make a mistake. That being said, when it comes down to it we are serious about getting bosses down on a weekly basis, and we need to expand our team to make that happen.

We have cleared all Legion raids on heroic, earning AOTC each tier, and will continue to do the same come BFA.

We are looking for Dk and a Warlock

Our raid nights are the following

Tuesday 5:00-8:00 PST
Thursday 5:00-8:00 PST
Sunday (Optional) 5:00-8:00 PST

We also do Mythic+, and do the occasional legacy raid run for achievements/transmog.

add wakahiru#1986 on b.net for more info
We are currently looking for RDPS for Heroic progression! Feel free to contact Scrambles#1621 if you are interested!
Looking to add 2 to 3 ranged dps to our raid team.


wakahiru#1986 on b.net if interested
Also looking to add a DK.
Bump still looking for dk and lock

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