Cant Log In

Technical Support
Cant Log in after maintainance ,my internet is working fine
Send Help please,Error is WOW51900102
I am getting the same error!
may be blizzard side problem
Getting the Same, Dissconnected from Server. Internet is fine. Def a game issue.
I logged in, used the portal in the garrison and got instance not found error. I made the mistake to enter the portal again. This time the game kicked me out. Now I can't log back on at all, on any character.
jajajajajaja. Come on Blizzard whats' gonna be your excuse this week?
yes log in problems and constant dc´s if i get past char select
Seems the servers are having authentication issues right now. Many slow or failed attempts at logging in.

Also worth to note, the Guild Message of the Day keeps spamming when you do get in game. Also some folks noted the AH and Mailing systems aren't working either.
boom, cant log in error 51900102
Send in the Gnomes or Goblins...oh! I can play again...check now guys
im not alone....same here!!
Same here, can't log in. Does anyone has any idea ?
LOL 2 weeks until expansion pack launch and they're having minor issues server side...... I sense that launch of the expansion will be an epic failure.
Nope. Can't log in.

I can sometimes get as far as the realm list.
I'm on an Oceanic realm, which happens to be down.

I have this strange feeling that August 14th will cause the servers to crumble, but that might just be me.
Same here as well
deja vu anyone?
Getting to where they can't even do an 1hr maintenance right!

Not looking good for Xpac. Guess need to wait tell Sept to play!!

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