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10/26/2018 06:55 PMPosted by Oldmanhunter
New maps would be great.

I agree, another map soon would be nice.
Last week I spent 7 hours back-to-back queuing for Random Epic Battlegrounds as Alliance to get my 1 daily win. In those 7 hours it was all IoC with 1 AV. My one win came from that one AV run at the end of those 7 hours.

I would like to see balance come to the battlegrounds. No player should have to go through a 7-hour losing streak in random battlegrounds. It’s infuriating, and I believe the constant losses is the cause of so much hate chat.

I’d like to see balanced maps, perhaps by random start locations in AV and IoC. In AV, Alliance could potentially start in the south with Horde in the north. Alliance buildings would have the layout of horde towers in the south but with an Alliance theme. Horde buildings in the north would have the layout of Alliance bunkers but with a Horde theme.

Similar random start location in IoC as well. There are certain advantages to starting in the south or in the north, which play into who has an easier win based on what changes/tweaks are applied to certain nodes.
halve the dmg of demo's and seige to players, at least by 50%. very important, also halve the dmg they do to the guns on the towers. there is very little counter to these. this a month's old issue. You nerfed them a little..but not enough.

or just ignore it..

I would like to see more epic battleground choices than the two we have now. Only having these two gets old quickly.
Por cuestiones de trabajo no puedo jugar en horarios de mi core, solo juego pvp y la opción que me queda es jugar bgs y epics bgs lo cual como alianza es estar 3 horas jugando y no ganar una sola porque gente se queda AFK porque no tenemos suficientes healers. (diferencia de población Ally Horde) nos dan un buff de 50% de mas de honor lo cual no nos ayuda para nada cuando tenemos menos personas en la bg (se salen, se quedan afk o usan bot) aclaro tengo mas de 400 niveles de honor y no me sirven para nada (lo que sirve son los puntos de conquista) deberían dar un buff de resistencia o daño algo por el estilo para balancear (esto ya lo han hecho) un poco.

Ganar una bg normal o epic es una misión imposible hasta hoy tenia 5 dias jugando cuando gane mi primer epica
First off I want to thank Blizzard on finally listening to the player base and upgrading NPC stats to better match player so we can get back to enjoying the original PVPVE BG. But please do not stop here Blizz, we are still many small tweaks(and some large) off from returning AV to its former glory. First the damage/effectiveness of Calvary and druids/shamans( I have yet to be able to force a ground assault) NPCs needs some major rework. I have seen 15-20 Ally charge into battle with NPC supporting them and we fail every time to break a turtle/chokepoint, not because yes we are always unorganized but because some tank aoe taunts(and can be 1 healed to stay alive) all the NPCS and everyone else PVPs. Another instance I managed to drag the druids on a DK who left his pet on aggressive and he solo tanked them all while buddies still capped a tower.These units are merely twigs compared to the boulders they used to be. Also summoned Lord's still sit in mid for 5-10minutes, which if a game is supposed to be 30min -1hr in time length makes no sense to me? Lastly please look at completely overhauling how our supplies turn in work. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched people loot and then have no idea where to turn in supplies. I have noticed you changed how we no longer have to spam click each turn in but still with the time length changes why is not something more strategic where the BG totals kills and after you kill X of horde/ally(maybe even reinforcements) you get NPC summons automatically. Hopefully we can get at least a blue post from yall about what are in the works to change things because lets be honest, We all know AV needs some more love :)
So... when will we get new epic bgs??

Lately it's been awfully cold/dreary outside and one of my favorite things to do when it's all dark and cold outside is spam epic bgs. Great way to pass the time when the roads are all icy etc.

Mr. dev all I want for christmas is... something fresh lol

Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley are mostly played out by now, the players are using the *same* predictable strats each game, and the games mostly play out the same (although there are exceptions). The players are overdue for some new bgs/maps to mess around in (new strats, new experiences, etc).

Instanced/queue-able versions of Ashran, Tol Borad, Wintergrasp, etc lets go!!

Also, please BUFF the bosses in AV (more health, more damage, etc). I know I keep harping on this, but I really enjoy the mini-bosses aspect of AV - however the bosses are kind of squishy, they def need a larger health pool at the very least. Or even better, add back in all the "classic" NPCs from back in Vanilla such as the troll boss.
Are you going to patch the siege weapons in Isle of Conquest so they Alliance can't use Demolishers and Glaive Throwers to kill boss? They go right to the keep door after the gates are down, but not in. Then aim up at the ceiling and fire doing massive damage to the boss. The Glaive Thrower's Blade Salvo can even down the boss in one cast. This is unfair and allows the Alliance to near instantly win after the gates are down.

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