[A]<Sweat> LFM for BFA Mythic Progression

<Sweat> Is a newly formed semi-hardcore guild on Proudmoore. The guild founders are a small group of AOTC/Cutting Edge caliber raiders. Our plan is to gather a core group of similarly skilled raiders to jump right into BFA Heroics with the goal of a quick AotC and subsequently push into Mythic content.

Forming at this point we realistically expect to put together a well-trimmed Heroic group and use early Heroic progression to help recruit and round out a clean roster of 20. First weeks of BFA will consist of hard grinding and plenty of dungeon content outside of raid to ensure a strong start once raid opens. Outside of raid we plan to run plenty of Mythic+ content to speed up the gearing process for raiders, and make money for eventual guild repairs/consumables via paid carries.

Raid times: M/T/Th 7-10PM PST

Expectation for all raiders will be:
- Solid understanding of, and performance with your class.
- A knowledge of all new content and the related mechanics.
- Consistent attendance and preparation (food, flasks, etc.).
- Means of communication (must have a working, non-garbage mic).
- A personality/ sense of humor. This group is crass and non-pc. If you're easily offended this isn't your home.

To apply:
https://tinyurl.com/SweatGuild (brief google docs app)
To contact us in game:
To contact me directly:
All classes and roles are welcome!

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