<H> LF Casual Raiding Guild

Dawnbringer and Madoran
<H> I have extensive raiding experience and am looking to get into some raiding content for BFA. Since Vanilla I have raided as tank and mainly heals since Wrath. I have all healers and tanks at max level on Madoran and can play any of then very well. I do have some DPS but not as well versed with those. I played through some BFA Beta and found that I LOVE DH tanking.

So of you need a tank or a healer for some end game BFA content then i would like to learn more about your guild. Thank you for your time. My Bnet is Brister#1557. Feel free to add me. Thanks again!
Still looking. Looking to main my Holy/Disc Priest or Veng DH. Have all healers and all tanks at max and willing to play whatever is needed to work into your raid makeup. Priest or DH preferred. Thanks!
I'm looking as well, are there guilds out there that do weekend raids? fri/sat?

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