2 night 8/8N 2/8H looking for you!

Adult guild, with no Drama
2 night a week Casual clear of Normal/Heroic (Possibly Mythic)
Fun group of guys who like to socialize and kill some ***.
Raid Days: Tues/Thur 8:30-11:30 EST

Contraband -We are a group of friends that have played together for some time now. We all used to raid in a "hardcore" environment. We just no longer have the time to put into a group like that anymore.

Our current progression is 8/8N 2/8H. We raid only 2 nights a week Tues/Thurs 8:30 pm -11:30. Off nights are spent farming Mythic+/Achives. We encourage solid players to give us a shot! We, as a guild would like to improve the community so come and join us and be a part of a guild that raids and still has fun!!

We have a Discord server and webpage www.contraband.pw
Looking at adding a few Heals and DPS right now (DH,Spriest,Lock,Boomkin)( Holy Priest, MW,Rsham,Rdruid) If you're class is not on the list but you feel you can make a solid contribution please contact one of us!
Could really really use some Strong dps and Heals!

What we expect from you.
1) No extra baggage. Don't be a d-bag
2) The willingness to learn.Or teach, help each other out.
3) Attitude. We are very social, we spend lots of time together in and out of game. The last thing we need are downers and hot heads.

We also would like someone to take a lead pvp position, none of us claim to be good pvpers but if we had someone to put somethings together people will play!

You can find me in game or add my btag if you're interested Nipps#11638
Can also look for Ghanicus,Weoweowee,Raxtoper,Eldren in game

We are looking to really fill our roster to continue our clears and possibly dabble with some Mythics.
Looking for a reliable tank and 2 heals!!
Looking for a tank and a healer or 2 All dps welcome as well!
Me and a buddy will probably be looking. Prot Pally and resto druid. My kid goes to bed around 8 so it’s perfect at the moment

Can you add me on discord? Kaws#5847
I need of 1 healer and 2 solid ranged dps!!!
8/8N 2/8H in need of some dps and a cpl heals! find me in game and lets get this thing rolling!!
Looking for a tank 2 heals and 2 dps. While we are a "casual grp" we would like ppl that Like to raid not just can/will raid. When you like to raid you tend to make sure ur on when you can. When u can/will raid it's not important to you. We want the WANT to raid!
We want you!!

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