Blizzard PR Strategy (Ythisens)

Hey, was reading some of your posts. Generally think you're a solid blue poster in these forums. Wondering about the PR strategy Blizzard has been running, do you guys have any worries about it? The way it reads is "We are afraid you guys will be mad if we can't follow through on things so we just generally won't talk to you much" to the common viewer. Worried it sorta sets a bad precedent but idk, just wanted some thoughts on it.
i dont think hes gonna come out and say 'yeah my bosses are rarted lmao'
07/26/2018 03:28 PMPosted by Ythisens
The problem with something like that is if we do that people then expect changes to come from that acknowledgement.

Customers expecting changes to happen as a result of acknowledgement on key issues is not a problem, in fact its normal and should be encouraged.

The bigger issue is Blizzard almost never following though on important (pvp) issues highlighted by the community. If they did Ythisens wouldn't have to feel like the sarah sanders of pvp.

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