[H] Maelstrom 2M W+Th 9pm-12ST LF RDPS + HEAL


Maelstrom are looking for Core raiders to join us for BfA.

The heart of our guild is a made up of a laid back bunch of mostly mature Aussies, who like to have a laugh, try not to take things too seriously, but are diligent about maintaining our characters and striving to improve our raid performance. Most of us are mid-twenties and over. We try to give each other a helping hand, but also expect you to ultimately take the initiative in maintaining your character.

Our aim as a guild and raid team is to have fun, yet clear heroic and then mythic content efficiently on a 2 night schedule. To achieve this we expect Core raiders to:

⦁ Have as close to 100% attendance as possible
⦁ Let us know well in advance if you can't make a raid
⦁ Keep up to date on your class, strive to improve
⦁ Show up to raid early, know fights, and have consumables on hand
⦁ Can-do attitude, happy to switch specs/roles, or sit if needed
⦁ Communicate, listen to advice
⦁ Interested in guild activities outside of raiding

Raid Times:
Wed: 9pm-12 ST
Thur: 9pm-12 ST

Core Recruitment:

We're especially looking for the following.

⦁ Boomkin
⦁ Warlock

Two healers
⦁ Mistweaver/R Druid/R Sham

We also run an Alt/Social raid night on Mondays. Come join us - whether you're a Mythic Keystoner, Alt/Casual raider, social player, or leveller. Friends and family welcome.



Ash: Ash#14753
Asmo: Asmodean#11126
Daff: Daffodil#6348
Looking for a few melee and ranged dps to join us.

Havoc and Windwalker with MW OS.
Ranged Hunter, Elemental Sham, or Balance Druid.
Looking for WW with MW, and some ranged dps - Hunter, Ele, Boomie or Lock.
Still looking for a WW with MW, and a ranged Hunter and Boomie.

Would love more social players too!
Looking for a WW (MW off-spec would be great).
Looking for some DPS to come join us. Especially in need of some Mages, Boomies, and DKs. But will consider all other classes apart from Pally and Hunter.
Looking for a Mage and Boomy.
We're looking for a Boomy and a Disc/Holy Priest.
Looking for a Boomy, Warlock and two healers (Mistweaver, Resto Druid, or Resto Sham).

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