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So... not even a month after the new xpac Normal and Hero raid unlock... but the LFR open a week after adn only 1 wing.
I do not understand why not the other way.. open all LFR for a few weeks, let people learn... then open normal and hero?
Just wondering is all,
Because LFR only people have a history of unsubscribing once they’ve cleared the raid.

Also, heroic and mythic progression players enjoy experiencing the fights first on a higher difficulty, where the mechanics can be meaningful and victory isn’t 100% assured.

Higher difficulty requires team work and coordination and multiple attempts have the effect of uniting the group against the challenge.

It feels good to kill hard bosses and the encounters are weakened by repetition. If everyone had cleared LFR 4 times before heroic opened the challenge and anticipation would be diminished.
Oh my god lfr only for weeks, that would be so boring

LFR just exists as a way for players to experience the content/story or gear new characters when they don't want to or can't actually raid (which is fine, I'm not criticizing that)

My guild (and many others) will clear heroic in the first week, and start mythic the following week. Blizzard WANTS people who clear it on harder difficulties to experience it first.
08/01/2018 12:31 AMPosted by Redford
open all LFR for a few weeks, let people learn...

Let people learn? Learn that fire doesn't hurt, insta-death mechanics may require a heal if you fail them, and that no matter what happens, the boss will die?

LFR should never be used as instruction for any other difficulty because all you can learn are bad habits that will wipe a group in an actual raid.
Because lfr isnt raiding.

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