[A] <Critical Miss> Recruiting!

Draenor and Echo Isles
About Us:
We are looking for raiders that want to progress in Normal and Heroic BfA Raids. We are a casual guild who enjoys hanging out and progressing at a decent pace. We kind of fell off at the end of Legion due to scheduling conflicts, but core raid team members have AotC together since Highmaul in WoD.
We are also seeking members who are interested in smaller group content such as Mythic, Mythic +, Achievement Runs, and Warfronts. We also have some active PvPers who would love to get some RBGs going!

Tuesday and Thursday: 5-8PM PST (server time)
We are most in need of ranged dps, but all are welcome!

Contact Information:
If you are interested in joining our guild, feel free to contact one of us on BattleTag at Geoffries#1556, Dae#1297, Paco94#1511, or Munis#1181

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