Holy Priest Looking for Raiding Guild

Looking to join a raiding guild moving into BfA! Have current availability of Wednesday and Thursday from 8 till 12. Frequent experience all expansion pushing mythic content. And familiar with raiding at a top level. Looking to heal, open to which class is needed, preference to priest. Current Ilvl235 took a break in tomb due to a new job.

Willing to submit logs, layouts and have a discussion

Thank you for any interest and time.
If you could do 730pm server time then you might be a good fit for <High Life> here’s our post :)

Recruiting posts are all the same so I won’t bore you with telling you what makes us different or better than every other guild on this server. So… we are different and better. We are a horde guild that has been around for almost a year now. Made up of a group of core raider that’s have been playing for multiple years together. We push heroic difficulty each tier and have been pretty successful at it. Mythic+ groups are very active and a nightly occurrence. If you are curious about our activity/skillset please check out our logs. They are public.

We are recruiting for BFA to fill in some gaps for our progression raiding team. If you want a shot at being on a steady raid team and aren’t afraid of a little competition, this is it. Also, we joke around quite a bit and are a little on the Rated R side of things so just a heads up.

Raid times are Tue/Wed from 7:30-9:30pm server time.

With BFA our loot will be all distributed by personal loot. Which is convenient because that’s what we used throughout Legion.

If you like what you see do not hesitate to send one of us a shout. Tags are listed below or respond to this post and we will hit you up.

Silkybrown#1475 – Nërvö / Animë
Haanjobe#1697 – Daldalee / Grimsbo
Nuintaurion#1967 - Diliverance / Lanrè
Hi there, the 7:30 isn't really a problem it's that I can only do Wednesday and Thursday not Tuesday

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