[H] 8/8H AotC Guild LF Blood Dk

<Annunaki> (H-US-Turalyon) is looking for 1 Blood DK for core spots for our AotC flex raid team.
Current Progress: 8/8N, 8/8H
Raid times are Tues/Thurs 7:45PM EST - 10PM EST.
Voice Chat: Discord
Our main goal is to create a mature and relaxed yet competitive atmosphere seeking AotC kills where everyone can have fun playing the game.
Requirements: Good attitude, good attendance, anything else per interview.

For more info check out:
Contact info:
Discord: Aureil#6653
Btag: eternainfer#1281
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dilly, dilly
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Updated for needs.
Roses are red
I can't rhyme
join my guild
Roses are red
I like sake
Join my guild

I helped.
Sake is pretty good!

Still looking btw!
Violets are violet
Roses can be blue
Wouldn't you like
To raid with us too
Flowers are grey
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If Taurens were color blind
That's what they would say
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