H² - Looking for a guild BFA / PVP


I'm looking for a guild for BFA, Horde side. I'm mainly looking for a pvp guild, but also ok for some PvE. To tell you a little story about me, I would say that I moved from EUW to NA, so I had to create a new account so all of my old progression are gone. My English is not perfect, I get it, but I'm still improving it and peoples generaly say that it's not too bad, so I don't think It would be a problem to raid / PvP

And so, I'll play Druid heal (That's what I main spec since Wotlk). I just backed for BfA, and I didn't play WoD and Legion.

I'm looking for something enough friendly. Thx

If anyone has any recommandations, please let me know :) Thanks all !

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