Mellonea or another RP guild?

Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
So I used to be a guild council member of the old RP guild on Kirin Tor, Mellonea. Anyone know if they're still around? I'm returning after about a decade away from the game so I figure odds aren't great.

Looking for an RP guild of friendly folks otherwise!
Same question for this toon, whose name used to be different before some jerk stole the second "l" in Marcellus.
Hey Kearney! We've got a few of the old Mellonea peeps in Shadow Order! I do think Jaspre and Lixue are both still around, as well.
Hey Kearney and Marcelus! I remember you guys from back in the day! Welcome back!

As far as RP guilds go, there's not a lot that I know of on KT/SWC/Sents anymore. There's a way to search for guilds in the Guild Finder - I'm not completely sure how to do it via the new interface (I think just hitting "J" hopefully will get you started though!) - and you can see what RP guilds are still listed on the server and marked as recruiting. You can also ask in Trade or Looking for Group channels too.

If you want a consistent RP fix, I'd move to Wyrmrest Accord or Moon Guard - other bigger servers basically. I have an RP toon on Wyrmrest, and I can walk into a tavern and generally get into some random shenanigans, and if I wanted to find an active guild for them for more trouble, I likely could too. My home is KT though, so here is where I've stayed!

If you're looking for a guild to put your KT folks into, Shadow Order is friendly and causal. We do have several Mellonea folks in the guild - myself, Thirge, and Sarolas jump to my mind immediately. We are not an RP guild though.

Welcome back to WoW you two! I hope you find a happy guild home and enjoy your time in BfA!

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