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Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Guild Name: By His Stripes
Faction: Alliance
Realm (US/EU): US
Realm Type: PvE; Thunderhorn/ Blade's Edge
Realm Timezone: Central
Battlegroup: Vindication
Progression: All Legion encounters Normal/Heroic completed.
Main Raid Schedule: T/Th/Sat 7:30pm-10:30pm CST
Alt Raid Schedule: W/M: 9pm-11pm CST
Openings: PRIORITY: Tank (any class) SECONDARY: DPS (any class)

Battle for Azeroth raid recruitment

Our family friendly guild has been around since May 2008. We have raided in each tier since WotLK expansion. WoW has changed over the years, but our close group of friends and family have stayed strong. You do not have to be a Christian to be part of our guild but we do ask that you respect our family friendly environment.

We are in high demand for a tank for our main raid progression team. We are a Christian guild, and we desire that you apply via the website to join. [ http://byhisstripes.wowlaunch.com ]

  • Our main progression raid is: T/Th/Sat 7:30pm CST - 10:30pm CST.
  • We do have an alternate raid M/W 9:00pm CST - 11:00pm CST that needs dps as well (more casual)

Also, we have Wafflefries...
Great group of casual raiding pals!
We are still currently looking for a tank. Contact SaberTJ#1811 if interested.
We still are in need of members to take the hits from these here new bosses coming in BfA. If interested, send an in-game message to:

  • SaberTJ#1811
  • Brubert#1492
  • Makariosjay#1728

Of course, we are on the lookout for non-tank types as well :)
Still in search of a tank for our main progression raid(s). If interested in tanking and/or being a part of By His Stripes, send an in-game PM to:

  • SaberTJ#1811
  • Brubert#1492
  • Crosseyedj#1980
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