Eliminate Healers Must Die addons

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08/01/2018 02:46 PMPosted by Sultriss
07/30/2018 12:32 PMPosted by Obscene
Healers should all die. No one enjoys healers except others healers, they're like tanks where they do nothing but suck the fun out of everything. I will spam CC and tunnel you all into the ground. Get out of my BG so I can actually have fun kiting people without some mongoloid running up and pressing 2 buttons putting them back at full HP.

I'm with this dude. BGs with NO healers are always the most fun, 2nd only to BGs with only my team having healers.
Don't forget no healers but 3 tanks in a 10 person bg. That's the best!
As predominantly a healer I have 0 problem with people running HHTD.

I'd bet half the DPS in this thread saying healers are crying or OP probably run it and are still trash so no worry really.
Don’t understand why people using that addon anyway?
I could tell who’s the enemy healer 1 mile away.
08/01/2018 04:58 PMPosted by Deathelliee
Don’t understand why people using that addon anyway?
I could tell who’s the enemy healer 1 mile away.

Games hard apparently.
Is Battleground targets okay then?
07/30/2018 11:56 AMPosted by Odale
PVP should be a display of your abilities, not a display of who runs the best mods.

This game has always been 30% running appropriate mods, 60% player skill, and 10% RNG. I agree that success shouldn't depend upon one's mods to the degree that it does, but the fundamental design changes needed to rewrite that paradigm simply cannot happen in a 15-year-old title
So i que into say WSG with Noheals..... my team should be even more gimped by not seeing the healer target..... so that druid over there slinking around may be feral or boomy or healer :O look a priest is it holy or disc or maybe shadow that is healing itself so its not glowing...... hey guys look a monk is it WW or MW..... No thanks you wana play a game of guessing turn it off..... i will pass...
Yeah I think it's time blizzard perma nerfed addons that can single out specific players. Technically if you do that in the forums or in chat you can be banned. But if an addon does it... it's okey? Nope. No it isn't.
07/30/2018 11:44 AMPosted by Odale
I can't be the first person to bring this up, but why can't we eliminate mods that make it easy to kill enemy healers?

uh...no. I just open the scoreboard and look at who's top heals and then set them to my CC b!tch or NUKE THIS B!TCH mode. (being that they're a healer and not like a hybrid spec that does a lot of offheals)

I don't even need an addon. I just know all the casts in game.

only baddies rely on addons to identify healers. I can use the basic UI and a memory of a damned elephant that knows what type of healer has proprietary casts to CC/kill them first (depending on which is more advantageous at the moment)
07/30/2018 11:44 AMPosted by Odale
Playing heals is not fun when you show up to a fight and immediately get CC'd into the ground and then annihilated.

Your problem isn't an addon. Your problem is that you're just running into danger, and not using your head. You run in and get yourself killed, and then blame some addon for your ignorance.

It's not the addon. It's you.
08/01/2018 11:30 PMPosted by Huh
It's not the addon. It's you.


My exact senitments
I mean the fact that you made this post kinda shows that you are not the best at pvp.. it's not just an add on. there are plenty of people who just use their brains and see youre using healer abiltiies and then run at you like a wild brain dead animal
Well - this explains a good deal why my Mythic healer (and Haf, here) is getting chased around AV like she's got a big "KILL ME" sign on her.

I'm good at escaping thankfully - but when the BG opens and the entire Horde runs at you specifically

*torpedo rolls away* EEEEEEEEEEE!

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