[H] <Stay Mad> Area52 6/8M 2Night LF Dps

Guild Recruitment
Still in need of lock/hunter/rogue/spriest. Will still consider other classes.
Still looking for lock/rogue/spriest
Still need Rogue/Lock/spriest, or other high preforming dps.
Looking for solid ranged dps apps!!!
Need more ranged!
Looking for more ranged!
Still looking for ranged!
Still looking for solid dps!
Still taking solid dps apps!
Boomkin here, 3/8M down. Here are my logs


Message me if interested.

P.S. I was Ianix when we raided HFC, made every single raid, and got CE with you guys on Archimonde ;P

Up for ranged!
Looking for more ranged!
Looking for more dps!
If you're a mage, warlock, or shadow priest WE. WANT. YOU. If you're any other ranged dps we also want you.
Need DPS!
Need DPS to finish Cutting Edge. Let's go.
Warlock, Shadow Priest, Hunters WHERE YOU AT!? Immediate openings for Mythrax and G'huun.

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