[A] Despicable Deeds <LFM>

Guild Recruitment
Main Deets:

1. Despicable Deeds is an Alliance guild on the Stormrage server.
2. Looking for friendly players who can at least pretend to be adults.
3. Raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm CDT.
4. Discord is a must for the raid team. You don't have to talk, but you have to listen.
5. Looking for a tank with dps off spec, heals with dps off spec, and a wide variety of dps.
6. No need to be on Stormrage server either. All you need to be is Alliance. We're perfectly happy to group up cross server. We've been doing so for almost 4 years now.

Guild Info: This is a new guild to Stormrage. We decided to switch to Alliance for BfA. As a result, most of the members of this guild aren't going to show raid experience (most of us decided to level new toons versus paying for realm/faction transfers) on their Armory pages. Our core members have been raiding together since December 2014 though. We're not complete noobs, lol.

Raid Info: Our current team consists of adults with jobs, kids, dogs, and an endless supply of awful dad jokes. At this point, roles for Battle for Azeroth are not set in stone, so if you've thought of making the move from DPS to tank, tank to heals, or some other move, this would be a possibility for you on our team as we will make adjustments as we go. We raid on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm CDT. Make sure these times work before contacting me. We have a hard stop time because some of our members have to get up at 4 am for work. Cauldrons, feasts, potions, runes, and guild repairs are provided to our raid team members.

If you're looking for a hardcore atmosphere with perfect players who don't make mistakes and are in a big rush to down bosses and rush through content, this IS NOT the team for you. If our group sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact me so we can have a chat.

Contact info (Bnet of guild officers. Try them until you find one of us online, lol.)

Bnet: Maruka#1991
Bnet: Govtmule1#1325
Email: maruka1977 at gmail dot com
Replying to this post will result in a slow reply from me as I don't check it more than once a day.
Nice post
Also do not need to be on Stormrage, will take good people cross server. So no need to give Blizz your money
Hello Everybody!
I can't do the Wed hours, but bumping for not having "server transfer" requirements....wish more guilds did this.
Good Morning All
Afternoon all
still looking for friendly people. I know you are out there.
This might be a silly question but how would being on different servers work? I'm new to WoW but in past MMO's that I have played, you had to be on the same server to quest/raid with (again, sorry if its a silly question)
Use your Btag and shows up in friends list, you can invite through that list
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Hello all
Good Morning
LFM friendly people
Will look up some of the btags tonight. I have a couple questions.
Online now
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Edited to add why Despicable Deeds and its members look so new. We just decided to switch to Alliance for BfA. We've been raiding together for almost 4 years now. :D
Good Morning
We've mercilessly snared a few new unwary souls to our team but are still looking to round it out. See the contact info in the main post and get in touch.

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