Did anyone defend Holinka?

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I never saw anyone do it. All I saw were cheers of joy when he left.
Death threats are not cool at all I mean relax ppl it's a video game

The worst I do is make crappy posts on the forums complaining about changes but real life threats, those people are unstable like azerite handle with Care
08/01/2018 07:45 AMPosted by Elaice
I never saw anyone do it. All I saw were cheers of joy when he left.

I was one of those cheering fans

Here's to hoping Blizzard makes BfA PvP not trash
08/01/2018 07:41 AMPosted by Tattalia
The point the op is trying to make is there was no one defending him, nor ion from the strong critisism, harrassment, and threats they received.

But when it happened to Christie, there was tons of threads, posts, people going crazy on Twitter talking all about how it's wrong to do such things. Which yes it is, but these people were no where to be found when it happened to make devs. Sexism is quite alive indeed.

At least one person understood what the thread was about.
Who the hell is holinka? Some neckbeard?
The public discourse went way down hill when a bunch of people who previously had little portable access to the internet got smartphones and decided to roost on twitter 24/7. We're literally allowing the internet to ruin the world in real time.
08/01/2018 06:37 AMPosted by Solidusblarg
I think you skipped the part where you explain why we should care about some dude on the internet.

I think you missed the part where people on the internet are actually real people, not just phantoms you interact with online. Not to mention the part about online actions having real life consequences...

08/01/2018 07:47 AMPosted by Àrms
Who the hell is holinka? Some neckbeard?

The dev formerly in charge of PvP design. Kind of a favorite target for the more rabid PvPers.

And yet another edit: Yes, some people have spoken up for figures like Holinka, Watcher, Ghostcrawler, and the rest. Those voices tend to get drowned out, and those defenders tend to get attacked (in one way or another) themselves. (I'm sure you're not trying to claim that it was wrong for people to speak up for Golden when dangerous bloody morons started making actual threats against her real life safety.)
blizzard doesnt care if you dont like it.
If he was the one that decided templates were a good idea then I have no opinion on the way people went mental on him

I was more than likely one of them
Don't feel the need to defend a grown man from a bunch of children.
The forums also aren't personal attack dogs as much as people keep trying to use them as such on all sites.

To say we need to jump when someone says to and at every time someone says to... that's just rude and selfish of the person.

At the time the ones for Christie were brought up, it was something that ( in general ) showed that those working for and with Blizzard were being hit with nasty behavior and more voiced their opinions on the forums ( where they are more likely to see the kind comments than Twitter without wading through as much trash comments ). Well-wishers, sympathizers, critics of the work and not the people came to the threads to give their thoughts and wishes.

It doesn't matter as to who the thread was first made for or about, you see people commenting that it's also happening to others and others will be upset at seeing how !@#$ people can be over a %^-*ing game.

This isn't a way to treat people, making all individual threads and making the forums look like there's been mass death or accidents happening and epitaphs written.
08/01/2018 06:32 AMPosted by Jostlen
There's no need to defend any one individual. All that needs to be said is, if you make death threats to someone over a video game, you have severe mental issues and need to be seen by a professional.

I am sorry but I disagree if we see someone being rude to another collegue or friend of ours or family memeber or stranger, we call it out and defend them if we need to dependinrg on what the sisuation is that led to it.

No one has the right to harass anyone even behind the computer just because u don't like there opinion or there decision and make death threats to the person or family members of that family.

I don't believe it entirely the mental community people that do this and I think it unfair they the only ones where people are saying it must be they have mental issues well not all mental people actually act bad some actually lead good normal lifes and are able to control there impulses and never get in trouble because of there mental illness disabilty , and even just normal non menetal people get a kick out of being rude because they can behind the computer because they know they wont be caught.

Since a certain time it seems that people have lost there moral compass of what right versus what wrong in the way we are suppose to behave.

People need to understand this is a game and it's a story, and stories have up and downs, and stories have twists, and if you dont like it then that between you and yourself not between u or anyone else. Now u are able to say how or why you don't like it or ask why it went that way in a mature adult way. Yes there may be others that view your way but does'nt give you guys permission to go after the author and send death threats.

Like I said people have lost there moral compass, and I feel as we go more into the future it get even worse than it is now, and I wont go in reasons why this is happening but will say it sad to see our world thinks doing wrong stuff is right in there minds in today present day, and no it not the mental community that entirely doing this even non mental community people are doing this because as I said they think they can get away with it because they doing it behind the computer.

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