<Storm of Swords>H 4/8M Healer 2X ranged dps

We are looking for ONE full time healer, and two ranged exceptional DPS to add to our roster.

<Storm of Swords> on Mal'Ganis is recruiting our final DPS spots for BFA mythic raiding. We are currently 4/8 Mythic Uldir We do not take everyone and a small discord interview is required. This will help with/limit turnover.

Raid Times
Tuesday and Wednesday 830pm Central to 1130pm Central. Optional Raid Thursday Night 830pm to 1130pm Central

Interested players may contact the following:

What are you looking for in an ideal member?
We want members who are teamplayers and strive to be the best at their class. Those that are pro active and look up guides and practice. Personality is important and we value this just as much. We would rather have a Great parser with a good attitude, than a phenomenal #1 parser with a crappy attitude. We want members who can be active on discord and participate and help one another with mythic dungeons and not expect a carry every week.

How is your guild different than the other bajillion guilds out there?
Our guild is a fresh reform and although we have some returning members, new members need not compete to fit in which would be the case of an established guild of many years. Our leaders have many years of success of leading guilds across various games including WoW as recently as last expansion. We have achieved several world and server firsts in games such as SWTOR, AION, and FF14. We are driven and competitive. We look to make the most out of our time. Gone is our golden days of raiding 5-6 days a week 3-4 hours a night (ugh) Efficiency is the name of the game and we will remain a successful competitive guild and make the most out of EVERY minute that we raid. Pulls will be started at or before the raid time with the raid prepared. Very little downtime will ensue in between wipes/bosses. We will analyze our strengths and weaknesses for everyone. We will be just as focused if not more so to who is parsing low than high and will make adjustments by making suggestions and tweaks, not by replacing someone with the next Mr. Joe who parses higher who comes along. We are not looking to be a top 200 guild. However with the timeline of tiers, there is absolutely no reason why we can't remain competitive and complete mythic content in a timely manner.

Some things about us
<Storm of Swords> is a returning guild on Mal'Ganis. We previously made a home here from 2005-2010. At that time we were a premier PvE and PvP guild. We were constantly within the top 3 to 4 guilds in PvE content on the server and were unmatched in PvP. We again look to reach our former success with the release of BFA. We reformed in May of this year and have spent the last few months rebuilding, and getting stable. We are nearly there. We field many original members from SoS 1.0. Many of our members have played nonstop since that time and many of us have gone on to achieve success in other mmos/guilds. Our officers have a combined 25 years of leading guilds/raids. We have achieved EVERY goal we have made for ourselves. Every guild we have created has been a success. That will not stop with BFA. As of late 2009 we had 17 of the top 21 PvP ranks on the server. We completely changed the pace of Mal'Ganis and caused it to be even more lopsided than it was initially. (The alliance on Mal'Ganis never recovered) Guilds quit or transferred off directly as a result of us camping them. Some guilds attempted to come over and challenge our pvp prowess but were quickly met with defeat. We had several members with over 150,00 honorable kills as of 2009. We are looking to field another rated BG team shortly after the release of BFA.

Some other things that may or may not interest anyone
We enjoy friendly competition. We want to offer some in game/rl rewards for the first people that hit 120, the highest mythic dungeon completed, most honorable kills in a week etc. We also play other off games in our spare time (although this will take a backseat during BFA for a little bit) We recently hosted a 2vs2vs2vs2 SC2 tournament last week. It was a success. We also play Dota 2, and Hots, and are open to suggestions for other games. We enjoy sports and the NBA. 2 of the 3 leadership are well into our 30s and have young kids and we understand the importance of family first.

As of 8/3 our roster is full. We may be looking for an additional DPS of the right caliber. So please feel free to get a hold of us. If someone is looking for a flex raider or pvp spot please get in touch with us well.

Our "mythic" roster is full at this time. We have room for FLEXX raiders who are willing to fill in as needed during progression in normal/heroic raids. PvP Spots are also available although we are not creating our Rated BG team till sometime in September. Please message one of us more more information.
We are looking for an experienced Resto Druid or Shaman ready to start raiding September 4th. 330+ilevel is a plus. Message me as soon as possible.
We are also looking for one experienced DPS Death knight. Get a hold of me as soon as possible please. Roster is looking GREAT, we have fluctuated between 1st and 15th on server for overall ilevel. We have 5 people that sim dps in top 100 in U.S. We just need one or two more to fine tune our Mythic Roster.
We are still looking for a Death Knight, very high chance of making the mythic roster provided attendance and parses look good. Get in touch with me.
We are still looking for a Death Knight as well as a Hunter. Both need to be 340 ilevel before September 4th. Mythic experience is a plus. We are also looking for ONE more big additional dps of a very high caliber. Message me or one of the officers as soon as possible.
Would a mage be in consideration?
@Nadiaz message me in game BericGanadar#1582. I am on every night usually 8pm to 1am Central
We are currently looking for a Death Knight, Hunter, Discipline Priest and Holy Paladin. Please get a hold of as soon as possible, I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Exceptional DPS or healers are encouraged to apply!
We are still in need of a Disc Priest and or a Holy Paladin. We got Heroic Gu'huun to .07% last night in the first hour of ever doing him. Will be 8/8 1/8 mythic tonight.
Currently looking for ONE exceptional Holy paladin and Death Knight. Please get with me in the game. Mythic progression has started
We are looking for an off tank monk
Nice to see you guys back! <SoS> was a very well known and solid guild on Mal'ganis for many many years.

If Seraph can ever be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Best of luck in Uldir!

@ilpad Hey man, appreciate that. Good to hear from you.
We have filled our raiding team and are looking for exceptional healers and dps only. Please message me.
We are looking for a dedicated healer. Resto Druid/Shaman or Holy Paladin. In addition we are also looking for two ranged dps. Possibly a shadow priest, warlorck or mage. Message me or thornias as soon as possible.

10/28/2018 10:32 AMPosted by Ganadarr
We are looking for a dedicated healer. Resto Druid/Shaman or Holy Paladin. In addition we are also looking for two ranged dps. Possibly a shadow priest, warlorck or mage. Message me or thornias as soon as possible.


I'm definitely interested in your guild. I've added you and Thornias cant wait to be in touch
We have killed Vectis, we are looking for one full time healer and 2 full time ranged dps. If Interested please message me at BericGanadar#1582

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