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As a member of the Horde, what are your characters thoughts on the Warchief's actions?
I have no opinion. I am a soldier. I go where I am told.
Surely, with our own homeland assaulted and innocents indiscriminately killed, you'd have an opinion?

Otherwise, we are little more than mindless drones: the Scourge.
Her actions are justified in the sense that war is ugly and the alliance knew when they started this one that the horde brokers no half measures.
I have no problem with slaughtering Alliance. But from a tactical standpoint, it wasn't the brightest of ideas.

To fight a winning war, you will need a strong, united front. What better ammunition for a war than a terrible tragedy to direct your rage and rally your forces? Well thanks to Sylvanas, the Alliance now have justification they've been seeking to destroy the Horde. And what was the Hordes' justification for committing said atrocity?

Unclear. And that's my biggest problem. Her actions have placed the Horde in a dangerously precarious position - with really nothing to show for it. To put it bluntly, the Horde is not in a position of power to warrant this kind of provocation.

It was just a plain, stupid move.
07/31/2018 06:51 PMPosted by Mercuriøus
Surely, with our own homeland assaulted and innocents indiscriminately killed, you'd have an opinion?

Otherwise, we are little more than mindless drones: the Scourge.

"Regardless of what my opinion was assuming I formed one, it would be wildly inappropriate to give since as a Blood Knight I am expected to place the needs of Silvermoon over my own personal feelings.

I had my orders and I always follow those orders. My task was to stop those amongst the Alliance who would turn Quel'thalas into a puppet state from gaining access to Azerite. This goal has been achieved."

(See my "The War of Thorns" story for more insight into my character's thoughts. :) )
It's an annoyance at best.

I couldnt care less about the Alliance.. though warring with them has already begin to over-complicate everything, and with it brings a constant stream of demands without rest.

The sooner this is over, the sooner I can get back to the enjoyment of everyday life and its pleasures. Provided we win of course.

Argh.. and now all this talk of it has given me a migraine.
Zakhan made some night elven friends during the legions invasion, it was a devastating blow for sure.
Utter shame. Cannibal has defected.
We're the bad guys.

Now what?
08/01/2018 03:33 AMPosted by Jakkø
We're the bad guys.

Now what?

We do what we always do Jakko, try to take over the world.
For my Forsaken Death Knight, it started out as, "We're occupying Darnassus for the Horde."
At the end, it turned into "My Queen is turning into Arthas and we didnt come here to make Nelf Kabobs from unarmed citizens."
Som're stood on the soft beach of Darkshore. The wet sands darkened, stained with the gore of the day's achievements. Looking back at the Night Elf settlement, Lor'danel, it was easy to understand how a Troll in his position would have mixed feelings. His work within the Druid Circle brought him into contact with many Night Elves over the years. He'd never had any particular love for them. They were easy for his people to hate, yet he was often forced to put aside differences for the sake of greater things. Working within the Circle forced him to temper many of his biases. With the most recent Legion invasion he'd learned to fight by their side. He'd survived many encounters where other's were not so fortunate, and Som're had come out of the whole ordeal with several friends. Many of them Night Elven. One Night Elf in particular he'd become quite fond of, though his Troll Pride would never allow him to admit to it aloud. And so, again, it was easy to understand how a Troll in his position would have mixed feelings about Lor'danel. Yet this was a key position that had to be taken. Lives would also need to be taken, and given. It was simply the harsh reality. This was war, after all.

Som're clutched at the wound in his side, the most serious of many he'd sustained in the fighting. Wounds that would leave scars he'd be proud to wear only for the orders given by Saurfang. A leader he'd long respected for the values of honor he upheld. Upon their descent from Felwood Saurfang ordered, "We will not kill the innocent. Kill the defenders. Capture the civilians, question and then release them." That was the right way. The honorable way. This was war, after all. Lives would need to be taken but no more than was necessary to achieve their very specific goal. With the taking of Lor'danel they'd accomplished that goal.
Hadn't they?

Som're grimaced and clutched harder at his side. He could feel his natural Troll healing taking hold yet this particular wound was too grievous to let alone. Infection would soon set in and then he'd be battling fever and sickness for days, if not weeks, assuming he didn't eventually succumb and give up the ghost. He'd need to see a healer soon before it got beyond serious. He'd have done the work himself were it not for his battle fatigue. He could barely stand as it was and with what loomed in the horizon, quite literally, the Horde would soon be needing all the help they could muster.

Som're turned back to the sea sloshing now at his feet. Tides were turning. The familiar smell of death hung in the air. Night Elven bodies mixed with assorted Horde corpses in the waters and lay strewn haphazardly across the beach. The stench of burning pitch caught his nostrils and for one last time he dared gaze out at that great tree. A wonder of nature and monument to Druidic accomplishment. A bastion of hope and safe haven of the Kaldorei. He'd watched in horror as the boughs of that great World Tree burst into flames and he watched now as the whole of Teldrassil smoldered and burned. Concern for his Night Elf friend surfaced and thought on how she had returned there just shortly before the Warchief gave her order. The battle was already won. We had won, and yet...

He'd wanted to send his friend warning as the Warchief screamed her order, but there was no time. He thought back to all those terrified Night Elves he'd saved in Lor'danel, and then of all those in Teldrassil... Today, this was not war after all.

Som're crouched in the gore stained sands. Through a wet gaze he watched Teldrassil burn, numb to the hoots and cheers of those he'd called comrades. There was no more camaraderie to be had, not for him. Not now. Silently Som're took up a fist of wet sand. He uttered a solemn prayer typically offered by a funeral pyre then cast the sand out into the sea with a heavy heart. He offered another moment of reverence before returning to the encampment. There was no victory today.
07/31/2018 11:52 PMPosted by Cannibal
Utter shame. Cannibal has defected.

Lu'teyja has done the same.

All she can do now is hide away, try to heal what she can, and ask herself, "Why would the spirits tell Vol'jin to appoint... her?"

This will shake her faith for sure.
I'm surprised so few adventurers have the stomach for war. You can't walk the streets without some flamboyant sellsword trying to incite outrage with an opinion so compelling, he can't bear walking another block before repeating it.

If people dying and cities burning makes you too upset to refrain from publicly challenging the solidarity of The Horde, maybe you should leave war to the soldiers.

Listen. Killing demons has made an idealist of everyone. But unless your ideal is a world where the less glamorous races of Azeroth are regarded as demons and slayed, The Alliance cannot control Darkshore.
Lots of dead Night Elves? Yeah, I'm pretty rock hard.
War is harsh, war is tough. Facing enemy combatants in honorable combat on the battlefield is one thing, committing genocide on innocent non combatants when the mission plan was to take the city and occupy is another. We deserve the coming storm, many of us saw the signs and portents coming in our fight in the Broken Isles, and the war on Gilneas yet we turned a blind eye because either we didn't want to believe it or we were too caught up in our own blood lust.

The Horde once great, is a pale reflection of what it use to be.. we are no better than the Scourge or Burning Legion fighting under a dishonorable banner, The Alliance may be lead by a Boy King, but our leader lashed out like a child after being goaded and in the end did more damage to the Horde than even the Alliance had ever done.

So, raise a pint and toast the monstrous act if you will, but know you celebrate not a noble victory, not a great defeat of an enemy... but the genocide of innocents all in the name of a tantrum because someone was mean to our Warchief... Garrosh would be proud...
Rest in Peace Lady Sylvanas, the horde and their warcheif are now targets. Considering she wanted to control azurite this was a stupid move, now the horde will never be left alone on any front until she is dead..again.

Saurfang was a mess as well, both betraying the horde and honoring it. Betraying his brother's memory, being conned into following this madness, and yet he is so far the only horde member to raise ANY level of dissent. If the Tauren do not stand against the warcheif in BFA at some point they betrayed their values as well.
Here's one now! Tell me more about how razing the city we came to take is an act of genocide, or how doing what we must without inciting mutiny is celebration of savagery. By all means, tell me how not laying down to die compares at all to the madness of Garrosh or the my late thrall to the Lich King.

But this time, do us all a favor and be consice. Afterall, we've heard it all before.

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