Quests disappeared, Chat channels gone

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I just took a queue to zone into an LFR for one of the falcosaur quests. I found it odd that I needed to reaccept the quest once I got in there. Upon exiting, every quest in my log has been wiped and I cannot use any chat channels whatsoever. Anyone ever had this happen and found a solution?
yes, i just zoned into gruuls lair and all my quests were gone.. it switched out weapons i was wearing to random ones in my bag and deleted one of the ones i was wearing.

A guildy zoned into ruby sanctum, same thing with quests gone
I just hearthed from Aszuna to Dalaran and bam - quest log is empty. Reloading UI and logging out and back in did not fix it.
I went from Stormwind to Dalaran and lost all mine.
Just happened to me as well. All of my quests were removed when I left the underbelly in Dalaran or when I flew to my order hall from Dalaran.
Yes, happened as I zoned into Tempest Keep, but I assume that was just coincidental.

It dropped quests that were completed, such as the ones to get the coins from heroics that I've spent the last week and a half completing. And quests like the ones in Heroic Blackrock Foundry where I spent 4 weeks collecting all the things. All I needed to do was turn it in.
All my quests disappeared after porting to Dalaran.

Also was taken out of General / Trade / Local defense channels.
yeah its happening on zone changes randomly
same thing, i was doing "Stabilizing Suramar" and everytime i go to a LFR or BG it resets back...very annoying
+2 to my friend and I going to The Eye/Tempest Keep just now. All quests gone. We thought it was something weird and small at first but my friend just reported every single quest gone (I only had pet quests).

Same issue. Zoned into bwl and lost all my quests. I don't want to play as I don't want to lose quest progress for long chains that i am on.

Just reloaded and all quests still missing.
Every time I zone into a bg on my alt lock my quest log gets emptied
Same here.

Lost all of my order hall quests and BFA pre-patch quest from Sylvannas. It happened when I went through a load screen after TPing to another city from Dalaran. Picked up the quests again and every time I went through a load screen all of ,y quests would disappear. Logging out and back in did not help. Quitting and restating did not help.
Same here. Were going into a normal raid and BAM the whole raid lost all their quests... Just like that. What's going on?
This happened to me too specifically on this character. Zoned into Sanctums light and my ENTIRE QUEST LOG IS GONE.

I've disabled my addons its not !@#$ing addons blizzard. Fix your %^-*ing !@#$. I lost progresson 10 world quests and lumincent ore which takes 5+ hours to complete..........................
Same. Zoned into Neltharion's Lair and it removed all of my quests. Tried picking picking the quests up again and zoning back in but it just removes them again.
Same here. I keep losing all my quests after taking the shortcut into Trueshot Lodge.
I just had the same issue while flying all across Outland for Loremaster. Is there any fix on the horizon yet?
Did 10/10 world quests and 50/50 siphoned vials for mage campaign. Once completed, ported back to HotG and all quests were gone.....
I zoned into the nighthold for the raid world quest, and all the quests and chat channels were completely broken.
I got on my other character, quests were fine. I didn't try and zone anywhere else on him though, as I didn't want to break anything further.

Tried disabling addons, and relogging, relaunching the game, and nothing worked for my paladin.

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