<Tunnel Vision Boss> 3/8M 2/day Mythic Guild

Area 52
<Tunnel Vision Boss> on Area 52 is recruiting for Battle for Azeroth. We are a recent transfer guild that accomplished a 9/11M run in Antorus before taking a break. We have trimmed the fat and are now looking to be a cutting edge 2/day a week guild going forward.

We have a love for this game that started as far back as Classic and continues to this day. With our leadership and the addition of skillful players like you, we will push through any of the content we set our sights on. If you're not into raiding but want to enjoy the company of some great people we are happy to have you!

Our Goals
While we only raid two days a week we are by no means casual. We strive to be competitive on the server for progression and spots will be the same. You must be able to pull your own weight, research fights, and come prepared to raid.

We also plan to build teams for M+ sells and competitive PvP, if interested please let us know.

Uldir 3/8 M

Raid Schedule
Thursday: 9-12p EST
Sunday: 9-12p EST

Voice Chats
Discord; it is required on raid nights and always open for guildies to use anytime.

Current Recruitment Needs

High Priority: Ranged DPS, Ret Paladin, Death Knight

When it comes to Mythic progression, as you know, we are forced to a 20-Man Raid size. This makes it necessary to have a few subs ready to jump in each night if needed.
What we'd require from you:
- Current Progression Needs/Numbers
- Knowledge of fights we are on or progressing towards
- High Attendance
- An open attitude
- Sense of humor (we have fun)
- Ability to take constructive criticism

We award raiders who meet their requirements consistently (usually exceed!) with a core raid spot and especially those who take the time to understand their class to maximize their potential.

So Why Join Us?
We will provide a comfortable home for you to enjoy the game how you like. Our raid leadership style is comforting to many, and provides excellent results.

If you are not up for the commitment of raiding, we are looking for those who love to push the limits with Mythic+. Our guild is itching for more challenges and we'd be the perfect spot for you!

Contact Info
I will be checking this periodically every day so if you're interested you can reply here, or you can contact me or another officer on bnet.

Recruitment Bnets:
Still looking for more.
Still looking for a few solid dps
Still looking for more dedicated dps to round out our roster
In Need of hunters and Death Knight, DPS. Referral bonus available.
add Scales#11151 we can talk later.
never got the btag inv im up to 331 ilv now before 1st week reset. Aimng for 340 end of 2nd week
Still looking for a few more ranged dps
Actively seeking disc priest
Looking for skilled Ranged DPS to fill out some new needs.
Now 1/8M, Still looking for more Ranged DPS.
Seeking ranged dps and Ret Pally
Greetings, I am 359/360 Balance Druid look for a group for this tier and the future. I am a laid back guy looking to get CE while not killing myself/burning out while doing so. During AbT I finished 6/11 Mythic while coming back halfway through the tier and playing catch up. Currently I am 8/8 N and 7/8 H Uldir with experience in all Phases of Ghuun. I'll send a Btag request and link my Warcraft Logs below. Thanks!

Barroth, Look forward to talking with you.

We are now looking for a Ret paladin. If you are one or know someone, I offer referral bonuses =).
New Mythic Boss down. Still looking for our next DPS super star.
Looking for more DPS, come join us in our run towards Cutting edge!
Still looking for a couple DPS.

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