Transmogging Off-Hand to Artifact Appearance

Hi all,

Haven’t seen a thread on this yet, so sorry if it’s a duplicate! I’ve noticed that when I transmog my weapon to an artifact with an off-hand appearance (e.g., an off-hand sword for dual-wielding or the Heart of the Phoenix off-hand for mage), the appearance will only apply to both until a little while after I log out. Then it doesn’t apply to the off-hand, just the main hand. There doesn’t seem to be an option to transmog the off-hand separately. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this happen as well or if it’s something on my end.

This toon is an example if anyone’s wondering what I’m talking about. It seems to mainly show up like that on the login screen, so it’s more of a nuisance than anything else, but I thought I’d see if it’s a common issue.
The artifact skin will apply to both weapons, even if you previously had another appearance on your off-hand, and, the off-hand weapon will not be eligible for transmog. Transmogging your main hand to an Artifact weapon skin will automatically go onto both weapons whether you like it or not.

This, of course, is bad and everyone is mad about it.

They did this because some classes wouldn't have been able to apply Legion Artifact skins like the fire mage's dual wield sword/off hand combo to their 1 handed BfA weapon types, or vice versa. So, because they can't handle these appearances differently for each spec, every player in the game now has to suffer, and they aren't looking to do anything about it. Ask druid players how mad they are.
Thanks! I personally don't have a problem with it automatically going to both weapons. It's that when it does that, it's only sticking the transmog data to the main hand weapon. It doesn't always actually show up on the off-hand, which just stays un-mogged. Like for this character, I put the PVP skin on, and it shows up on both weapons for the most part, but sometimes the off-hand keeps the appearance of the regular dagger or whatever it was mogged as before.
Bump for visibility, this is really frustrating. I can't transmog an artifact mainhand + non-artifact offhand appearance simultaneously, even though I could have this set-up when using the artifact weapons themselves. This is unnecessarily limiting, please address this!
Yeah it's messed up in the profile, too... look at me. My off hand isn't mogged.
Oh yeah, I just noticed mine, it shows my shield mogged how I would like it, but in-game it is overwritten by the artifact shield. :(

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