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A lot of unusable, past-expansion items, shiny things, and a metric ton of food that should be expired. If we're speaking in literal terms.

Otherwise, a bunch of shiny things. Too many things. Probably died because she kept dropping them and frantically trying to pick them up instead of running away.
That grey tear item that certain rare hunter tames drop when killed.
Enchanting mats from the previous expansion.

I always meant to sell those...
Sticky volatile substance.
[Rabbits foot]
Two versions of myself, 1/2 scale. And they drop the same, and so on. Eventually I'll be punching your blood cells from the inside.
Various bones from critters across Azeroth.
Various meats also.
Is that a grill? The hell a worgen dk swallow a fricken grill?
Mystery Meat
Sinister meatloaf
A Thank You Note.
08/02/2018 02:51 PMPosted by Astalynn
Lingerie transmog

Congratulations. You just became the most farmed mob in all of WoW.

As for me, I would drop one of the following....

[Rotten Pancreas]
"You're still not entirely sure why you picked this up."

[Used Lottery Ticket]
"The words 'you lose' are revealed in the area that has been scratched off. Looks like this poor fool just couldn't catch a break today."

[Jug of Milk]
"Keeps bones and teeth healthy. The number 1 doctor-recommended substance for growing skeletons. It is three years past its expiration date."

[Last Will and Testament]
"In the event of my death, I leave all my belongings to myself. My risen corpse will return to my estate to reclaim my belongings within a week. In the event my corpse, my spirit, and my skeleton all become separate, sentient entities, they shall enter into a death match upon which the victor shall inherit the entirety of my belongings."

[Arron's Crude Self-Portrait]
"It looks like Arron drew a rudimentary picture of himself with a frowning face. It silently judges you for your sin."
Being a trash mob you will be lucky to get a grey item...
My Helmet mog
Pocket Lint
Dead Mole
Pocket Lint
1 copper
A stack of Shatter Rounds
unbroken teeth
[The Complete Works of Stram Boker]
"It sucks."
Since I have multiple characters, I'll post a general drop list:

10 gold
Picture of mercenary band that shows 4 Tauren, 2 Pandaren, 3 Blood Elves, 2 goblins, 1 draenei, 1 Worgan, 1 High Mountain Tauren, 1 Lightforged draenei, 1 Nightborn and 1 void elf.
Bloodied badge of a defender of Azeroth-provides a debuff that makes you hostile to everyone that is not: Legion, Scourge, Twilight's Hammer, etc. can't be sold and destroying it just sends it to your mail box, flavor text: Hatred took a true hero from us, may their killer follow them soon
Auroch cow mount.
Saltwater potion.
sweet rolls
Bellybutton lint.

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