Curious player

Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
Was just wondering how things are on this realm, far as sense of community/players being social. Thought the oldie thread was pretty interesting with players being around like that.

Anywho, mostly curious since I'm thinking of moving here. Havent made a whole lot of friends in WoW though my schedule leaves something to be desired. I liked doing M+ and some raiding, but its been rough.
Warmest welcome from Ilterendi the crown jewel of Silvermoon.
Howdy and thanks for the welcome!

How're things alliance side? Ive been playing a few horde toons and apart from general chat things are pretty quiet. Is that normal? Not used to seeing trade chat non-existant
It's probably more quiet than you are used to, should pick up after BFA launch? I think these realms are mid to low pop like most of the others.

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