looking into a guild

I been searching around mostly low pop servers to get a feel for them with the hopes of starting a guild on one of them. I understand low pop poses the issues of sometimes not having enough interest to even get a guild off the ground, but if you look hard enough there is gems to be found whether it be finding those in big guilds wanting to find more actions or those looking for guild or a few small guilds into one guild.

My reason for wanting to start one is many. It is something I haven't done I been in guilds and still in them however to create something from the ground up and progress forward is something I want to do. Another reason is schedule the tues/thur or tues/weds type deal is great for those who work 1st shift jobs or go to school not great for those who work 2nd or mid shift stuff. My focus is finding those who are aim more towards weekends sat and sun persay. Just a handful of reason to why I am looking.

So I take my search here to see what can be found in this server. I am also aiming towards the horde side of things but still open on that for now.

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