DMF Legion Profession +5 skills not awarded

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Seems DMF will not award any professional skill points beyond vanilla skills. I do not know if this is a bug or as intended. Submitted a bug report. Before BfA I had Engineering advanced from 700 to 790 purely from monthly DFM quests. For me it looks like it will be a hill-too-far to now get from 90 to 100 in Legion Engineering. Shame.
I was thinking of skipping DMF prof quests entirely for my characters. Thanks for confirming it was the right decision.
Has to be a bug, unless you didn't learn the appropriate xpack profession and were capped.
DMF is only awarding skill ups for Vanilla professions -- something broke when they changed professions from maxing at 800 to maxing at 100 for each expansion.
Same, I was at 80/100 in Legion alchemy on one of my chars, did DMF quest and skill did not increase.

If this is intended I am going to v cross. :/
People are saying the WHEE buff doesn't grant bonus XP anymore either.

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