I think alot of people owe Blizzard an apology.

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08/02/2018 11:24 PMPosted by Sanders
this video didn't change anything or do anything or anything.

Honestly that was an awesome video but the war of thorns and how it played out was crap.
08/02/2018 11:31 PMPosted by Persephoneo
08/02/2018 11:28 PMPosted by Serkon
All it did was show they're most likely gonna push the same story as MoP on us again. I'm still holding out hope it won't be but this was a pretty big blow.

God how boring the horde will be with Mr.Suicidal as Warchief.

Hell only be warchief until the next expansion when a random Voidwalker will stab him in the back when the void finally invades

A knife in the back ending Sourfang in front of all would be perfect. Show them how worthless honor is and how wars are actually won. You're supposed to kill the enemy, Sourfang. Not let them live, regroup and come and kill your men with better tactics.
08/02/2018 11:37 PMPosted by Cherlirra
We're finally getting events that make the game truly live up to its title of "Warcraft" and that's somehow atrocious?

I have no problem with war. No one who plays this game does.

No one has a problem with fighting, loss of life, contentious struggles and rivalry.

No one is advocating for a quarrel free, hand holding, song singing skip through the daisy fields together for the factions.

Anyone with a fundamental sense of honor, be it in game or out, has a problem with unprovoked, unwarranted, unjustified attempts on a leader's life; and with genocide.

These are not difficult concepts to understand, or shouldn't be.
The cinematic is something I would expect from Blizzard. I've always enjoyed CGI, and the depth it brings to the story.

One glaring fault:
Saurfang gets CGI, Sylvanas and Jaina get graphic novel art.

Blizzard definitely owes us an apology.

Redo the Jaina and Sylvanas shorts in CGI and there may be redemption.
No, this really changes nothing.

1. Blizzard needs to show this in game. When all players see in-game is him more than happy to murder his way through Darkshore and showing absolutely no hesitation or objection at any point then to only show his actual character out-of-game... They may as well be different characters.

In-game Saurfang and in-cinematic Saurfang are two different characters.

2. Saurfang is a veteran of the Draenei massacre on Draenor, the first, second and third wars on Azeroth and was there right from the start with Garrosh. You read his dialogue in Borean Tundra at Warsong hold, he is truely haunted by his past. In no way would have Saurfang ever been in supportive of this war. He would have never been apart of it. Everything in the pre-launch event is so completely out of character for him it's like Blizzard straight up forgot which character they were writing for. Now to have to have him suddenly start caring again, you've written him to look like a complete moron.
I am finding the reaction to all this surprising and also entertaining. I was cranky with the burning of my tree until i saw the Sylvanis vid - which I really liked as it explained well why she did it rather than taking the tree - a lingering bitterness and a wanting to take away life and hope (which she herself lost).
Saurfang vid sets up all sorts of poosibilitoes for where this might lead. Won’t play out the same as garrosh - Sylvanis much smarter (and much more loved as a character as the last few days has shown).
Alliance actually looks pretty boring in comparison.
08/02/2018 11:24 PMPosted by Sanders
umm no...

this video didn't change anything or do anything or anything.

Why you think people should say sorry is beyond me.
08/02/2018 11:28 PMPosted by Illidonkey
08/02/2018 11:24 PMPosted by Sanders
umm no...

this video didn't change anything or do anything or anything.

Why you think people should say sorry is beyond me.

Where there is any forum post I always expect you to be in here stirring the pot even further. You don’t even play the game, why are you so mad?

Normally I don't respond to attacks, but this time I have to. First of all I'd like to say that even though every time I open my mouth online people call me a troll, I'm not. The things I say are things I actually believe, think and feel. I'm not making stuff up to try to upset people.

Second, regarding this...

"You don’t even play the game, why are you so mad?"

The funny thing is I'm so mad because I play this game too much. I care about the world of warcraft more than I care about the stupid real world I'm forced to live in. And I'd be willing to bet I play this game more than 90% of the people who play this game. I know that because most humans have jobs, kids, girlfriends, friends, obligations, other video games or outside interests. I don't have any of those things.

I have Warcraft.
That's it.
That's why I'm so mad blizzard destroyed the first place I ever quested.
Darn has been my go-to city for 12 years.
And blizz burned it to the ground for... reasons.
This has been the worst month of my life.
And I once spent 8 months in jail.
08/02/2018 11:26 PMPosted by Woodspath
But this recent content is atrocious and an absolute onslaught to the senses for people on both sides of the fence. People have a right to be upset.

Upset at the events, from an in-game perspective, sure. The good thing coming from this is seeing people talk about factions again in a way where they actually matter. No more of this huggy-kissy "truce so we can fight the Super-Baddie" stuff.

But the hashtags and the pearl-clutching over the writers perhaps taking characters in directions that the players don't think they should, that's gotten a little cringey.


and with genocide

Stop doing that.
What exactly -do- the people owe Blizzard an apology for?

When our quest logs malfunctioned and some of us lost collectible/legacy quests that are no longer available, that was Blizzard's fault.

When the pre-patch launch utterly failed and many people were unable to log in for hours, that was Blizzard's fault.

The BfA storyline already started out a terrible failing pile of crap, that was Blizzard's fault. After that, there were a few days of silence and then suddenly the Saurfang video. Failure to communicate in the interim while receiving bad press in several video gaming news sites = Blizzard's fault.

Blizzard screwed up, they're expected to fix the mess they created.
08/02/2018 11:22 PMPosted by Potea
I think some youtubers and people owe blizzard an apology

I think you owe your 5th grade teacher an apology. I’m sure she/he told you several times that “a lot” is two words.
Absolutely not.

No issue of burning the tree.

My issue in her video was a conversation was left out. The part where Saurfang objects in the Old Soldier video (plus there is more in the novella). Leaving out that conversation and showing Saurfang just standing there makes him look like an idiot and goes against years of Orc honor that's been drilled into our heads forever. It also reduced Sylvanas into an emotional reactive non strategist.

The Warbringers Sylvanas cut scene short changed the entire playerbase. It wasn't like they were putting in a twist. The entire reason she burned the tree was left out. Basically if Saurfang had killed Malfurian she would not have had to burn the tree. That is all in the Novellas. There is no reason to have to go read that in a book. It was just bad.

The fact they Old Soldier is a great video doesn't let Blizz off the hook for the half a$$ Warbringers c r a p.
I don't owe Blizzard anything beyond my $15/mo.
I will apoligize for them making one good cinematic. Wish I could apoligize for the rest of the climate change that has hit this game but I dont know if its tears, global warming melting snowflakes, or climate change that has hit Blizzard causing the rise in the ocean levels.
I like how we have to wait for 8.1 for the smallest glimmer of hope that this gets better.
08/02/2018 11:22 PMPosted by Potea
The Cinematic: “Old Soldier” was really well done, i quite like the story so far. Art work has been really good. I think some youtubers and people owe blizzard an apology. Had to unfollow some youtubers cause they were crying hard about whats been happening.

So amazing animation and a singular perspective is grounds for an apology for people who just watched their Warchief torch a World Tree because she got butthurt by a dying elf's comment?

I'll buy that for a dollar.
i will not apologize for anything. they release the Sylvanas Warbringer scene and it makes it look like she burns the tree down because some night elf was mean to her. then the people they decide are good enough to get an early CE copy of the game notice that the Novellas actually go in depth to the story. and now they tell us that Saurfang wants to die but they use a fancy CGI scene to do it.

they knew exactly how we would react if they told us that "the horde is not evil, but we understand why you think that, we just want to say wait and see" and then they show us Sylvanas burning teldrassil on the emotional whim after talking to some random night elf who was going to be dead within the next few minutes anyways.
I don't know the cinematic you mean. Is it in game? - cause that's what I do, forums aside, I play the game. It reminds me of the novellas. What's next? - sending me to collect coupons from ovaltine to get a decoder ring to unlock hidden plot points.
08/03/2018 12:09 AMPosted by Woodspath
Anyone with a fundamental sense of honor, be it in game or out, has a problem with unprovoked, unwarranted, unjustified attempts on a leader's life; and with genocide.

It's almost as if Sylvanas doesn't have a soul. Oh she doesn't. It was stripped from her.

It's almost as if Sylvanas was created by the Lich King. Oh she was.

It's almost as if Sylvanas is undead and cares not for living beings and is only trying to find ways to increase her forsaken race. Oh wait she has done this.

People need to stop trying to make Sylvanas seem like she's supposed to be complicated and have any morals. Instead, maybe people should focus on who or what told Vol'jin that Sylvanas needed to take the mantle of Warchief and why.

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