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Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
Let's just dive right in to what I'm looking for and keep this short and sweet:

  • Raid Leader
  • Raid Roster Members
  • Casual Players

<wtf did you just call me> is a new guild on Shadow Council - Alliance. My goal right now is to fill out a roster of competitive players; starting with good raid leadership. Going forward the plan will be moving into Battle for Azeroth with a full team capable of tackling Mythic content at an acceptable -if not exceptional- rate. That gives me a tight window for recruitment, but I'm confident that I can find the right people to make it happen with enough commitment. I'll expand on my priority list for recruitment a little bit below.

Raid Leader:

I myself am not currently in a position to lead in competitive content again, or for that matter raid at all. I've been away from the game for years and the last time I actually progressed through serious current content was 10+ years ago. For that reason I'm excluding myself from the roster, and I am looking for one (or ideally, two) leaders for the raid roster. Skipping the minute details for now; overall you should be able to express your capability in leading a raid team, with all of the responsibility that entails. Recent Mythic content clears are a must.

Raid Roster Members:

As with the leadership positions, experience is king, but I will never discount someone who can prove themselves in other ways. Competence is my priority. Raid Roster recruitment will not start until after raid leader(s) have been assigned in order to allow them to help flesh out the roster. I'll update this when those positions fill.

Casual Members:

Friends & family of raiders, random leveling members, role-players, etc. Everyone is welcome to join in a casual position for a fun, mature environment. RBG's are planned for the future after the raid priority has been met, both in a casual and competitive capacity.

Contact me in-game via mail (Putricide - Shadow Council) or PM if I'm online at my btag - Erik#1809. I'll handle all requests on a one-on-one basis. I'm not going to have you fill out some application with 92 different UI screenshots, a thesis statement on the inner machinations of your mind, and a circuit-by-circuit breakdown of your PC. I'll ask the pertinent questions as we go, pull you in to Discord to chat if things go well, and go from there.

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