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Guild Recruitment
Are you a former hardcore or skilled casual raider but you've now got school? A demanding job? Spouse-aggro? Or kids? ... And you just can't devote a lot of time to raiding three nights+ a week but you really miss the progression and camaraderie?

The Wolfpack is currently seeking raiders to join our Normal/Heroic Raid team! We are a Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild with a Casual Schedule in an established guild of all adults (21+). We have a VERY LIGHT raiding schedule and a long history of good raid progress. We typically raid two nights a week, for a total of four hours of raiding a week.

Raid Schedule:
- Tuesday & Thursday from 9PM - 11PM EST

- Healer*: Druid (Resto), Paladin (Holy) (ret off-spec), Priest (Holy)

- Melee: Death Knight (Frost, Unholy) (tank off-spec), Rogue (any)

*Priority, we need one additional healer!

Important Note:
We are not actively pursuing Mythic Raiding at this time. This decision may be reversed in the future but it is currently not a priority. We are also only recruiting for one team: our core raiding team. We are not interested in creating other raid teams due to life commitments - thank you for your understanding.

About Us:

<The Wolfpack>, established in 2008 and under the same leadership, is an all adult (21+) raiding guild. We understand that some people have busy lives, and we want to provide a fun environment for people who may not have the time for a grinding raid schedule. We are based on Zul'jin, Horde side.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding drama, elitism, cliques and loot hogs.

We have husbands, wives, careers, military service, families, grad school, etc. so we balance our gaming experience with real life and provide a fun place to be in your valuable free time.

What to Expect from Us:

We take pride in providing a diverse and inclusive community for people who have busy lives and may not be able to log in every single night. We are relaxed, easy-going, and friendly, though we have a pretty wicked sense of humor, so if you're overly sensitive, we are probably not the guild for you.


- Applicants must be 21+
- We use Discord
- Guild Commitment: We are a family and by joining us you want to be a part of that experience.
- Some prior raiding experience, and a willingness to play to the best of your ability, take constructive feedback, and desire to be a part of a team.

How Do I Join?:

#1) Yes, you have to be on Zul'jin to join (and raid with us).

#2) Please complete our Guild Application at http://www.wolfpackguild.com

It's very easy, it's non-intrusive, and yes, everyone fills out an application. It's not scary or difficult, we want to know who you are, and we want to know that you'll fit in well with our group. We want to provide the best possible Guild environment for everyone.

Are we accepting social/casual players?:
Yes, we are also opening our doors to social/casual players - even if you aren't interested or ready to Raid.


Making Contact:

Recruitment post will be checked daily.

Additionally, Guild Master (Katpriestess) and Recruiting Officer (Belaradori) can be reached in game or via Enjin messaging.
Come raid with us! We hit AOTC in a timely manner, are organized, and fun to hang out with!

Join our awesome ranks! We may not get AoTC and the shiny awards first on the server, but we always get them! And who doesn't like only 4 hours a week? :P

Dropped in my application. I have a character xfer on standby, but still wanted to apply before I switched realms. Hope that's cool.

But you guys seem fun. Cheers.
I left you a message Magnarius. ^.^
I as well dropped an application in! Same as Magnarius, I have a toon transfer ready, but wanted to do the same as him!

Thanks for your time!
Spots are filling up fast! Thanks guys!

Hope you can join our team!
Great job tonight on the trial run tonight, team. Let's keep those dungeons going too.

Updated! :)
Getting up to 16 - 17 peeps now. Still room for more! Come out and hear my amazing voice telling you to not touch the goo or get hit by beams :P
Looking to round out our raid team with one more healer and one more DPS.
apply at: www.wolfpackguild.com

Looking for a resto druid, holy paladin - but will consider another priest of either Disc or Holy spec.
Just applied, looking forward to hear from ya! :)

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