Beargles Quits Wow Forever (Soon(probably))

Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
This isn't a thread about World of Warcraft being bad. This is a thread about the worst Monk you've ever seen.
I've been playing on Maelstrom since 2011. It's always been my home server and I have played on both factions but mostly the Alliance. I've always loved RPGs; Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Pokemon.
World Of Warcraft entered my life when I was 18 and a friend asked me to try it. I was a Night Elf Druid. He quit playing during MoP which was fine. But I didn't quit. I liked the game a lot and I'm not a very social person in real life. But WoW was different. I had a different name and a different face. I was Bergles the Holy Paladin.
At one point during the last 7 years my personal life had fallen apart. I was unemployed, single, no friends, and I used World of Warcraft to fill the hole in my life.
Since then I have gotten married, graduated community with my associates degree, got accept to a university, got 3 cats, and got my own apartment. I turned things around pretty well.
Since I got married I've found it harder to balance my time between school, work, my wife, and world of warcraft. It's weird to include WoW in a list like that but I'm not going to kid myself. WoW has taken up a lot of my time and I'll let people know. My played timed is 390+ days. I'm not ashamed to love this game and my friends I've made over the years.
But sometimes you just need to know when to call it quits. I'm starting my Bachelors degree this month and I want that to have my full focus, along with my new marriage. My one year anniversary is also this month. When I told my wife and friends I'm quitting this game they all laughed and said "How many times have you said that before?" The answer is never. I've never wanted to quit playing WoW. I've taken plenty of breaks, but this time is different. I'm ready to move on in my life, you know? I'm sticking around for the first few raids of BFA. Because I wanted to have that one last hoorah with my oldest friends in my life for an expansion launch. So this is less of a goodbye post and more of a "I'm going to kill all of you !@#$s while I'm still here!" post. So see you all on the battlefield.
When you have kids you can come back and play again, with them.
who tf cares
I will miss you :(
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who tf cares

At least two people. B)
I've been playing since beta. I wrote one of these posts before. I've learned to stop writing them :)

Your real life situation will always take priority, no one here will ever question that unless they are !@#$ing retarded. However, you've made friends that may as well be as close as some of your closest in real life. Real life? Don't even really know what using that phrase means anymore, kinda made sense to me back in the 90s... but I've now been gaming with the same crew for almost a quarter century, picking up people along the way, dropping off others that needed time away for real life. In the end, almost all eventually make their way back for spells of playing. They may as well be considered real life friends to me.

And as someone pointed out above. You'll probably end up playing it with your kids. I know many friends who do and they would say your crazy if you had told them they would be doing that when they picked up World of Warcraft. I'm guessing when I have kids it will likely be the same.

Ultima Online, where I met many of the fools I game with, originally released in 1997. It's still going in 2018 and will likely continue another 5 to 10 years. WoW has a long road in front of it, it won't be going anywhere.
I look forward to dancing with you... one last time.

<Saxophone intensifies>
Good luck with everything :)
Good luck, nerd.

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