[H] <Blue Label> Barth - 6/8M LFM

Hello Barth!

After a bit of a hiatus from WoD, we have decided to come back for BFA more focused to clear fast but with a lighter schedule.

Blue Label is an end game raiding guild has been around since the Burning Crusade and has been raiding since till Warlords where we took a break. Now with the core back, we are currently looking for more for BFA.

Raid Times:
8:30pm to 12am (GMT+10 – AEST – Server Time) on Wednesday, Thursday, Monday
With Sunday as an optional day for heroic and such.

Currently Recruiting:
1x Holy Paladin or Mistweaver Monk
2x Warlock
1x Balance Druid
1x Hunter
1x Mage

Any class not listed will still be considered

If you are interested, please add btag hanul#6440 or kizuu#1770 for a chat.

LFM for dps!
LFM for some dps!
LFM for a holy pally and range dps!
Just want to stop by to say hi.

I came back to WoW after 8 years and Blue label is still here :)

Good luck with recruiting.
Ex-blue Label raider here.
Dropping in to wish the best of luck in BFA!
LFM healers and dps!
LFM for a mw and range dps!
378 ilvl DH would there be a spot for me ? I'm currently 2/8M and have progged on zek'vos to 8%
LFM range dps!
LFM for a healer and range dps!
LFM warlocks and a healer!
LFM range!

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