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So... Let me start off by saying, that I felt compelled to make this post as it has been bothering me.

I have been playing in the WoW realm for many years. I've had small gaps and large gaps in my time with WoW, but have read many of the books over the years and been playing since WC III.

My absolute favorite stories were with the night elves in the War of the Ancients series, and of course, my favorite, Arthas.

I feel like when they went in the altered time line, and Illidan was allowed to return, that Arthas should be able to.

A lot of the posts I see on this matter, DO mention the Helm of Domination, and even, (key point) NER'ZHUL. HOWEVER. Let us NOT forget, that with this alternate time line, nothing with the Lich King, makes sense anymore.

If Ner'Zhul NEVER had what happened to him (que new timeline) then HOW is it, that he isn't allowed to return? If this timeline happened, and we now have Gul'Dan alive and Illidan alive.... then Why can't Arthas somehow have a re-entrance.

We Killed Illidan in the Black Temple, and that somehow worked out into the story you're now playing out, and he still isn't even "dead" like Arthas could be. A lot of theories on this matter say that he could be re-risen as a death knight once more, but the key in this particular matter is that, there is another with the helm on.

HOWEVER, it bothers me, since there is no Ner'Zhul in this equation anymore. So who is it, that Bolvar is controlling or listening to within the helm? And where has Arthas gone? Why is it, that Jaina, is all of a sudden (within that latest short you released on her) RAISING THE DEAD? ( or dead MEMORIES).

There is a lot to speculate on this matter, but I wanted to post this to make sure that people are on the right track with said discussion and speculation. I would very much like to hear more from old lore lovers and those who have followed to stories from back then, and also feel like since the timeline change, things don't make much sense.

This isn't just becase he was my favorite character, I really just feel that, if you;re going to go with this alternate timeline route (which is too late to change), there are several things that need to be re-iterated or made clear, or those characters need to be brought back.

I was THRILLED when Turaylion and Valeria were brought back. But that also didn't make sense on their discovery, because they were found in the void after the events that Ner'Zhul insured in the old timeline.... which shouldn't have happened since they rearranged the timeline from WRATH...

I really need some clarification on things.
08/04/2018 08:29 PMPosted by Aquais
alternate timeline route

This only happened for WoD. Arthas is dead and gone in our timeline and the AU Azeroth hasn't been effected in the same way. So Arthas may not even exist there.

Now Blizzard can Rez anyone they want and I do agree Arthas would be cool to have back. Yet I really think it would dilute what was probably the best story they ever told if they did.
There must always be a Lich King, but not always an Arthas.

His story ended well. Let him rest.
While Arthas is my favorite character and I would LOVE to see him return, it simply shouldn't happen. His story was excellent, definitely the best Blizzard has ever written, but now it's over, and shouldn't be fiddled with any more. I don't want a redemption arc for him like they did with Illidan.

And I don't even know WHY he should come back. This is an expansion about a faction war - what purpose would he serve? Just like poor Illidan, he would be ignored for the majority of the expansion and then be thrown away at the end.
You defeated Illidan in black temple, you did not kill him. He was taken prisoner by the warden.. it's even acted out right in front of you in the raid. Hence why he was seen in another cutscene when the betrayer warden (can't recall her name) unlocks the vault for Gul'dan and we see Illidan encased in the fel crystal.

Secondly... you think Ner'Zhul is dead? The Lich King still exists as that orc in spirit, if the voice at the end of Wrath taking over Bolivars wasn't enough then you can even see evidence of this with the frost knight artifact quest.
Arthas can come back but only if we stop pronouncing his name Arth-as and all characters say 'Art-has' in voice acting and he has a new passion as an art collector.
So Salvanis is losing her mind cuz every time she dies, the Valkyrie wing people are reserecting her because she has a destiny to fulfill. And every time she comes back she loses part of herself. She is a gateway to ressing the dead. And there is some story saying that there is light withheld in Azeroth.... and that like is set to be Arthas.... or Edwin Wryn!

9 months before Edwin was born.... Arthas showed up in stormwind.... he was very close with the Verin Wryns wife. Speculation says that they had as AFAIR!!!!
why does Edwin harness the power of the light. Sure his mother was a Priest, but why is his hair Blonde?!?!

I may be a tad off cuz I don’t know exactly everything I’m saying but I feel I’m on the right track at least!

I spelled names wrong I know but you get the idea. Think about it..... what is going on here?!?!?!
08/04/2018 08:34 PMPosted by Uriél
There must always be a Lich King, but not always an Arthas.

His story ended well. Let him rest.

You aren't following the story very closely are you? Ask Sylvanus about how much "rest" Arthas is getting where he is now.
Blizz does seem to be pretty creatively bankrupt. I won't be surprised if we start seeing more multiverse stuff where Arthas never became the LK or Jaina really is a dreadlord or Sylvanas never died or Thrall and Garry switch roles.
<sigh> Anduin (ANDUIN) being blond doesn't mean Tiffin had an affair with Arthas.
All he needs is to have inherited two copies of the blond "gene". He got one from Tiffin, and since brown-haired people can be carrying the gene for blond hair, he could certainly have gotten one from Varian.

Besides, just look at the current cinematic model for Anduin, and compare him to Varian. Anduin looks exactly like a slightly more refined, less battered Varian, aside from the hair color.
08/04/2018 08:34 PMPosted by Uriél
There must always be a Lich King, but not always an Arthas.

His story ended well. Let him rest.

Indeed, let him rest... in torture and pain for all eternity as has been established.
We killed Arthas - "Father, all I see is darkness" - he went to hell, or the WoW lore equivalent of it. LK (or armor) wasn't Arthas, it was Ner'zhul. Sylvanas will be going to the same place - why she's so afraid of death.

Any rate, I guess Bolvar can return. The Lich King was created by using the spirit of Ner'zhul. As it was sentient, some part of Ner'zhul remains within the armor - and always will. But it's designed to require a host.
It wont be Arthas, it will be Bolvar who returns as the Lich King. The only "timeline altering" that was done was a retcon; was that Illidan's body was encased in crystal, and his "Soul" was "special" like the player characters is hence meaning he basically works the same way a player does and can go back to his body. There was no alternate timeline specifically involving illidan as a focal point. If the Lich King returns, and with all the references I think he might, it will be Bolvar who now runs the show.

I picture a betrayal by Muradin, (remember that all the lore says the king of diamonds is now a pawn), he's been corrupted by N'Zoth, steals our hearts of Azeroth, at the same time Sylv is gunna do something (horrible yes, but lore-wise necessary) to get them back,The Horde will reject her, even the Forsaken (who will probably flock to a new leader in the role of Talia Menethil) , she will contemplate suicide again, but the Lich King, along with Bwonsamdi and whomever else is behind the scenes running the death factions, will show up and offer her a place in their ranks, she will accept and a new faction will be implemented next expansion or two.
What's with the obsession in bringing old/dead characters back to life??? They're gone. Talk about the most mundane, braindead and completely noncreative way to advance the story...

How about some new characters that don't completely suck, (looking directly at Nathanos here.... /facepalm). I know he's not "new" but he's relatively fresh on the scene and he's just a big ball of cheesedumb. Or maybe develop a current character?? <gasp!>

People have speculated about Sylvanas becoming a Lich "Queen". Why not? Let her actually go whole-hog-evil and lead a 3rd faction of whole-hog-evil followers?? That would be a lot more interesting than resurrecting the past. I don't want more Vol'Jin or Varian or Arthas... etc.
08/04/2018 08:37 PMPosted by Rhuckus
You defeated Illidan in black temple, you did not kill him.
No, Illidan was killed, only his corpse was brought back to the Vault. Illidan, like the player, has an immortal soul, so placing it in his body again was a possibility.

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