<A> Dark Order Recruiting for BFA

Bloodhoof and Duskwood
Hello My Friend!!

<<A>> Dark Order <<Duskwood>> is now recruiting core raiding spots for BFA!

Dark Order is a progression guild where our exceptions for our raiders are hardcore, but our game is not. Our creed is:

Respect for One Another
Pitching in Where Needed
Never Giving Up
Patience and Understanding is a Must
Having Fun is Everything

We are looking for solid Committed Guild Members. I am looking for the following for our core raiding team:

For our B Raiding Team
2 Dependable Healers

Raid Days/Times

A- Team: Tue/Thur 7p - 9p CST (Normal)
B- Team: Tue/Wed/Thur 9p - 11p CST (Heroic/last boss on Normal for Trinket)

Progression so far:
Uldir Normal 8/8
Uldir Heroic 2/8

Dark Order looks at the guild as a whole to make sure that everyone is taken care of to the best of our abilities. We are not looking to rush into anything, in other words we plan to do this on our own dime not the masses dime. We are not looking to keep up with the other guilds/servers we are just looking for great personalities, people who want to have fun, who are committed, dependable, patience, and not afraid of a little challenge.

Side Note: If you are looking for hardcore playing or an elitist guild please keep on looking we are not for you.

Last but not least and above all else we want to keep the fun in the game! After all this is exactly that -- A GAME! No drama or you will get auto Gkicked

Yesabella add me to your Battlenet Poohbear41#1912 or email me at yesabella_wow@yahoo.com or Zebulon#1808

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