[A] Faith of the Fallen is Recruiting!

Faith of the Fallen is a laid back, friendly raiding guild looking for more to expand our ranks as we move into Battle for Azeroth. The guild has existed since the early days of Legion, but consists of players who have been playing as far back as Classic and Burning Crusade. We are seeking players who have an interest in being involved with others as we raid, run Mythic+ dungeons, and any other shenanigans going on at the time.

Schedule and Roles Needed
We cleared all content in Legion on heroic difficulty with raid nights being Tue/Thur 7PM-10PM realm time (9PM-12AM EST).

We are in high need of ranged dps/heals, but all are welcome as long as you have a good attitude and are willing to make adjustments if needed.

Misc Requirements
- Do not stir drama for no reason. Remember, its still a game no matter how serious anyone takes it.
- Have discord installed or be willing to download it.
- We ask that you come prepared for raid (consumables/gems/enchants). If for whatever reason you cannot afford it or forget to bring something, just ask.
- Be proactive and watch fights you are unfamiliar with before the raid starts. We link videos to all the fights on Discord and go over them before pulls if needed. Do not be afraid to ask questions!

Feel free to reach out to an officer (Azradian, Tats, Wywik, Wolfenstien, Laddorek) or poke any member of the guild to get an officers attention if none are online.
Up up and away!

Getting everyone heroic/mythic dungeon geared in the downtime before Uldir opens!
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Week 2 of BFA going strong!
Hello! Holy/Ret paladin here, interested in joining. I sent Battle.net requests, however lately friends have not received my Battle.net requests so I’ll post my ID here just in case: dekudude#1396
Do I have to be in Kel Thuzad to join? Or is there a list of realms that can join Kel Thuzad guilds?
Sorry Blestro, this is a Kel'thuzad guild :(
bump for babies
I was in the guild in legion but then took a break can I return?
Huh (clap) must (clap) bump (clap)

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