Darkmoon Faire not providing profession increase

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FYI that, for now at least, Darkmoone Faire profession quests are not providing +5 (or any) level increases.
They are giving +5 skill for Vanilla professions.

They borked something when they went from 800 level profs to 100 level, expansion-specific prof levels.
This was what I came here to say.
Got damnit.
Yeah, I was 5 points form the Legion Master of All achievement (Inscription) and got nothing from the quest turn in.
I'm glad I saw this before going to the Faire. I've been waiting to get my last five levels on leatherworking. :(
Hope they fix this soon. I fortunately only tried my enchanting quest. Noticed it didn’t give credit and decided to wait for a hit fix for my other professions.
So now there is even less reason to bother with the DMF. Nice blizz. Nice.
They are sticking to their strongest skill set. Borking the game.
Yup pretty much that is why I am here

Why go? I guess I can keep grinding out the 1000 tickets for the blimp on my main but I already have most of the achieves so meh

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