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WotLK. I made a druid and got to 80, and made a DK too. I didn't keep playing for very long though, but came back in Cata, took another break for Mop, came back for WoD and have been playing since. The newer zones, artwork, and music are great to me, but I really miss the character progression from the older expansions. Legion kindof gave you the feel of that, once you got to max level anyway, but it used to be like that all the time.
vanilla BETA here
September 22, 2012.

Originally I tried to start playing late 2010 but I wasn't too familiar with MMOs like these, only the simplicity of Runescape at the time. Once I quit that game it was off to here.
I'm a Vanilla baby and a Vanilla *Paladin* at that. So I get to tell you whippersnappers about five-minute Blessings, the joy felt at finally receiving Greater Blessings, and the shame of forgetting to stock up on Symbols of Kings for said Blessings on raid night.
MOP right when throne of thunder dropped.
Very late Wrath baby.
vanilla, this was my 2nd toon (my first being a pally that i dropped like a bad habit after getting to 60. sooooooo boring in vanilla!). over the years, this guy has been every spec, race, and gender as i've hopped around to different places to play, and has been my main the entire time, with the exception of MoP where i tried out and mained a monk.
Late Vanilla then I created a BE in BC.
I joined a little before the 1 year anniversary. Wrath and MOP were my favorite expansions. Legion's up there too but honestly I played so sporadically during the last two expansions it's hard to fairly compare it to the older ones.
classic baby right here
Vanilla day 1! This was my first char, originally undead. I've changed her race, faction, server, and even played another main for a while, but I always come back to my OG priest ;)
08/07/2018 06:10 AMPosted by Drakulous
Technically I started in vanilla, 2 weeks before BC launched. I never claim that I started in vanilla I always say I started in BC.

I'm pretty much the same as you. Started a month before BC launched, but I always say I started in BC and not Vanilla.

We all know the first month of WoW you have no idea what you're doing, so it's hard to say I actually played Vanilla lol.
I started playing in Cata with the free account.

I didn't have a computer that could run the game well or the money for a sub until late Mists, but I played pretty much every class/race combination available up to lvl 20.
08/07/2018 06:08 AMPosted by Pacifists
Or did you join during Vanilla?

On a side note, I still find it kind of odd that it's become the norm now for people to hold WoTLK up as some kind of pinnacle when in reality it was bagged on endlessly both in the forums and in-game for ruining WoW. That's where the term "Wrath Baby" came from.

Edit: It's awesome seeing everyone's "start date", especially the relatively new players, I didn't know these existed! Also love the silly recollections of the quirks of the time period. Please add a tidbit or two, if you can remember them.

As for me I remember a silly joke we in the mage chat channel would play on the raid during the Gar fight in MC where after getting knocked up, you could ice block near the top of the ceiling, so every time there were half a dozen or so of us as "icicles" stuck midair during the fight.

Started early in vanilla... Patch 1.2 I think. Have taken many long breaks though (including several years between cata and legion).
Vanilla, started out on a warrior, now i am back to a warrior.

But for this account, Warlords. Sadly.
Created this character on this same server day 2 of Vanilla (wasn’t able to log in day 1 due to server stability issues), but I also played Vanilla beta.

With that said the best eras of WoW, imo, have been Vanilla, WotLK, and Legion...
Vanilla, 60 Hunter.
TBC, 70 Druid.
WotLK, 80 Warrior / Priest.
Cata, 85 Warrior / Druid.
MoP, 90 Warrior / Druid.
WoD, 100 Druid.
Legion, 110 Warrior.
BFA, 120 Warrior (soon).
January 2005. Wish I still could remember my original account's info.

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