The day the plot stood still.

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For the horde - We know sylvannas is bad. We get it. We know that our identity is in question... again. Ok fine. We knew that stuff yesterday. Whats changed today? We lost the undercity, just north of that is is the blood elf city, but don't tell the plot that.

For the Alliance - We really only lost some of our army today. We learned Jaina has a big ghost boat, but ultimately thats it. We didn't gain much of a foothold, because of scorched earth.

oh and saurfang gave up and surrendered. (neat!)

What this could do, but won't do :

Gilneas - This gives the worgens a chance to take back there city, but they won't, because thats a starting zone and who wants an old major city, when you could have a NEW one.

Saurfang - This gives the alliance a chance strike a powerful blow to the horde, knowing that that many of the horde share the ideals of saurfang, they could potentially wipe out a future warchief, given that the horde revolted against garrosh, its safe to say they will snub sylvannas as well. But the alliance is a rock in the river of plot. Never moving, never changing. Strapped to the river bottom of "Honor" even though they continually suffer and lose.

Loth'remar is the lynchpin - Gallywix is primarily the trade man, With Saurfang captured, and no troll representative in place, this leaves Nathanos, Baine, Loth'remar as the active council. This results in two very predictable sides, and then Loth'remar. Baine will advocate for the honorable decision, and Nathanos will advocate for the warchief. This would leave Loth'remar in a position to not only make decisions for the council, but be in a spot to manipulate the council. This is a pretty advanced plot play here, so we will never see anything like this play out anywhere near this game.

The reality is, this is an MMO. The story is now a multi media affair. Which is fun, but that means the game suffers HARD on the story side. So basically we take a medium thats already a pain to tell a story in (MMO) then strip the story from it. So getting past a A is bad, B is good plot isn't really gonna happen in the game. Sylvannas won't have the dynamics she deserves, the alliance won't retaliate, or make rational progress for themselves. Its frustrating to have all of the build up of the last two weeks, only for the plot to stay put.

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