Rescuing Darnassus civilians [spoilers]

Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
Silme and Sulime have not yet done this week's quest line, which culminates in an attempt to rescue 982 civilians from fire in Darnassus. We'd like to do this quest in a full group of 5 and try to rescue them all, or at least get close to 500.

If you have done the previous week's quest line, have not done this quest or quest line yet, and are interested in helping us rescue as many of the civilians as possible, please let us know in this thread or in game mail. If you could include what times (server time) you might be available, that would be appreciated.

If you have done the quest, please help out by letting us know where all the civilians are. For example, the quest target area appears to be mostly north of the temple; are there also a lot of civilians in the trade terrace, the druid area, near the bank, etc.?

Turns out you only get individual credit, not group credit, in this quest. We'll have to add up the individual numbers for Huntress after everyone has done it.
If I hadn't already done this with the wife, I would have loved to help Huntress.

Yes, Jerec, became less racist after being trapped in Kalimdor when the KTS Twinkling Star was shipwrecked upon the Darkshore. This happened because of the world wide tidal waves of the Cataclysm. He is even married (not sure how that even works) to a Night Elf played by my real wife :)

Edit: Don't write posts when your half drunk. That spelling was atrocious.
It is possible we were too far away from each other to share credit, since we went different ways to rescue as many as we could. Then again, we weren't that far apart. Either way given the way the civilians are grouped I don't think it is realistic to reach the alleged target number even in a full 5-person group.

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