[H] <Pug Party> 5/8M Recruiting

<Pug Party>, formed by some mythic raiding veterans is recruiting to fill out our roster for BFA mythic content. We love to joke around and have fun but still clear content in a reasonable amount of time.

Raid Times
We raid 3 days a week, 7.30pm - 10.30pm server time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. A lighter schedule will be used after progression is over each tier.

Currently Recruiting
  • Healers (Holy Pally especially)
  • Ranged DPS
  • Other exception applicants

Successful applicants will have current logs, raiding history, and a drive to improve.

We also run a lot of M+ outside of raid time as well as play other games.

If you're interested pm me or one of the officers on AyV#11831, SheridanJohn#6944 or TeT#11495.
where da raiders at ?
looking for a home for BFA? our bants are fresh
LFM, running plenty of heroic and mythic dungeons for gear atm
Still looking for healers and a couple of ranged dps
still plenty of spots open
LF healers and ranged
Looking for ranged dps and any other exceptional applicants now
any ranged dps lonely and in need of sick bants? pls booty call me
Always LF more friends to raid with
Looking for a DPS DK and ranged dps atm folks
Still on the lookout
Mythic Taloc down :)
LF Warlocks
Still looking for a warlock and now DH dps
Also looking for a mistweaver :)
Where are all the warlocks at?

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