[H] Obsidia LF raiders and new friends in BFA

Guild Recruitment
Obsidia is a small longtime semi casual raiding guild on U.S. Horde Silvermoon. We are focused on heroic raiding, Mythic + and general fun shenanigans. We are also hoping to dabble in a bit of world PVP and BGs.

We are looking to expand for BFA and are hoping to find a few new friends to call Obsidia their home. There are no applications or guild spam. We prefer to connect personally with you to ensure we are compatible as we value all of our players individually and do not wish to waste each other's time.

If you are interested in a permanent place to belong whether a returning player, veteran, a couple, friends that like to play together and have fun or the new player wanting a home to learn, grow and experience more with laid back individuals feel free to add one of the following battle tags and we'll talk more! Good luck with your search and thank you for your time!

Phury#1660 and Döm#1262

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