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Honestly, as an Alliance player, I at least feel strong, hopeful, proud of my faction. I may have "lost" because Sylvanas got away and really nobody got Undercity, however, in the long run we won.

Horde just seem very broken right now. You have your own faction divided right now. When I play my Horde alts, it just feels....bad. Wrong. Like I have no desire to follow Sylvanas and what she's doing.

I tell you now, when Sylvanas becomes a raid boss, anyone who thinks the Horde are currently "winning", will lose. For you have no honor
Death to the banshee queen.
08/07/2018 09:09 AMPosted by Xiata
Like I have no desire to follow Sylvanas and what she's doing.

I'll follow her. FOR THE HORDE!
08/07/2018 09:11 AMPosted by Emeraldlash
Death to the banshee queen.

I like you, do you like grass?
I mean, I've played both sides at this point.

Alliance won. Most of their forces fell back to Brill, except whoever was plot-important enough to get on the roflcopters over the Blight. Sylvanas murdered (and lost) a lot of her own troops, then blew up her city and retreated.

And that was an "All leaders on deck" (except for Tyrande/Malfurion) situation when the Horde had lots of time to prepare.
I admit we lost but at least we're all losers together! -The Alliance

Can't make this up.
Seems like an Alliance victory to me.

Bulk of alliance forces retreated to Brill, and Jaina saved the leaders from the trap, so while Sylvanas deprives the Alliance of a usable city, she was still driven from her own city and forced to destroy it, and the Alliance take the region and fan out from there.

Sylvanas didn't win the conflict she just took away a prize from the alliance.

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