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Hi Everyone,

I am a returning player who called it quits back in 2012 when Mists of Pandaria was released. I just resubscribed and I am looking for a group of fun folks to enjoy the game with.

Looking for a guild that is active, where people are online outside of raids. I like to raid, but I am not interested in hardcore raiding. I am fine dying more than bosses do on raid nights! I would rather play with bad people who know how to have fun than elitist aholes.

This is my main character, but I also have one of just about every class and enjoy playing them all. If your family has room for a new member let me know!
We are the type of guild, as far as raiding go we do expect everyone to bring their A game but we don't require you need to be at every single raid. We're also a big family as a lot of our main people have been together for some time.
Hi! It sounds like you're looking for a guild just like ours. We're Horde on Earthen Ring and we definitely have a pretty fun, chill group that is around often and likes doing things together. Our most active/social members range in age from about 22-60 with the bulk of us between 25 and 40. We have a lot of players who enjoy leveling together, we do mythic keystones, and we have a casual progression raid team that raids Tue/Thu 9pm-12am EST, with casual pickups anyone can come to sometimes on Saturday early evenings (EST).

The best way to reach me is through Discord (https://discord.gg/2m7VYqz) if you're interested, though you can also add me as a btag friend (ReinCayl#1166).

GL on your search!
Thunder Bluff Sushi Bar is small Horde guild on the Stormreaver server looking to be less small. We're looking for people who can just be chill, have fun with others, and not turn chat into a cesspool of derogatory remarks. In other words, don't be a **#*!@!*.

Community: We have a community that is the companion to our guild. If you’re on another server and don’t want to/can’t transfer but want to hang out or raid, then ask me about joining our community!

Social: We do like to raid but we like non-raiders just as much! We don’t have any “if you’re not online every month you get kicked” type of rules so if you’re just looking for somewhere to hang out and dig the non-toxic environment we’re trying to cultivate, you’re more than welcome to join.

Raiding: Right now, we’re looking for DPS to get ready for BFA. Our raiding policy is that we focus on doing normal at first and then switch to heroic. Our goal is to always clear heroic before the next tier goes live.

We're not fans of elitists or people looking to be carried. We just want some chill people who can keep their gear up to date and learn fights as we go.

We do prefer raiders to be on our server and in the guild, but as mentioned, if you can’t transfer we can talk about you joining the community to still be in the loop and able to raid. We do ask that if you plan to raid with us this way that you “commit” to raiding with us. I use commit very loosely but meaning that you don’t just raid with us until you find something on your server. If you are actively searching for a guild/raid group on your server, good luck in your search!

Raid Times: Friday – 8:30pm ET until 11:30pm ET at the latest (depending on how the night is going/how tired people are it may be called at 11pm eastern but will never go past 11:30pm)
Loot System: Personal loot.

We don't have any strict attendance requirements, though obviously if you're absent more than you attend, we need a body and might have to find people to fill your role. But with flex raiding being a thing, it's not that big of a deal. We do prefer our tanks/healers to be a little more consistent with attendance however.
We also need people to learn the fights. It may take a few tries, and we understand that, but if you’re not at least pulling your weight by keeping your gear at an average level for the time we’ll try to work with you to see how we can help.

Disclaimer: We have a pretty tight zero tolerance policy on sexism/racism/homophobia/being a !@##!**! in general. You'll be warned a time or two, but if it keeps up you'll quickly be gone.

Miscellaneous: We run Mythic+ throughout the week, though activity is higher during the weekends since most of us work during the week.
We'll have a weekly transmog contest for guild members in BFA!

Feel free to message me if you want to join or have any questions.

Recruiting Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/bvKJbfC
Discord: NerdEsq#0692
Why hello there! <Keybored Heroes> is a newly made guild that consists of veteran players with mythic raiding experience on US-Bleeding Hollow. We are comprised mostly of young adults with lives, job and family, but still want to kick back, relax, and kill lots of internet dragons with friends. We are currently looking for more to fill our roster to continue drama-free, relaxed raiding and gameplay in the upcoming release of BfA. We’re looking to push high mythic+ keys, complete heroic and pushing as far as the group can while avoiding burn out.

We strive to be a drama-free environment, and try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are welcoming of players of all skill levels and time commitments, but still plan to have a raid group that will clear AOTC and the first few Mythic bosses (Casual Mythic progression.) on a 2-nights per week (6 hours total) basis. If you aren’t into raiding, or stand in the fire a lot, we are more than happy to still have you, run keys, and give overly enthusiastic congratulations when you finally get that achievement you’ve been looking for!

Raid Times:

⬛️ Tuesdays: 7:30 PM EST – 10:30 PM EST (Progression.)
⬛️ Thursdays: 7:30 PM EST – 10:30 PM EST (Progression.)

Available Positions:

⬛️ MDPS: Low.
⬛️ RDPS: Moderate.
⬛️ Healers: High.
⬛️ Tanks: Closed.


⬛️ Use DBM / BigWiggs
⬛️ Don't stand in fire.
⬛️ Be Gem'd / Enchanted
⬛️ VoIP is required for raiding (We use Discord).
⬛️ Willing to take constructive criticism.
⬛️ Have a thorough understanding of your builds, talents and rotation.

Please feel free to add one of KH’s officers if interested! (Kardnall#1658, Kenjer#1110, HueHefner#1709 on bnet!).
Hi Epiphany!
We are a small longtime guild and think you would be a great fit for us.
If you are interested in talking more please feel free to add me. Thank you!

Hello, Epìphany. What days/times were you looking for raid? If evenings work for you, we might be a good fit. We are a formerly semi-hardcore group looking to go a more casual route so I think you would enjoy it here. At the moment we could use a priest though if other classes interest you more we are open to other specs.

<The Metalocalypse> (5/11M) is a 8year, adult raiding guild that values both progression and camaraderie. We're recruiting skilled players with a positive attitude and an interest for normals/heroics and/or pushing m+. Apart from a friendly, mature community & a relaxed atmosphere, we have the following schedule to offer:

10pm - 12:30am EST / 9p - 11:30p CST / 8p - 10:30p MST / 7p - 9:30p PST


More info and our quick app can be found at the link to our website above, but feel free to contact us if you had any questions. Good luck and take care. :)
Hi Epiphany,

What we are doing going into BfA is to maintain two casual raid teams. One Horde and one Alliance. We will raid 2x a week (Once on each faction).

We are not progression minded, we are happy raiding on Normal Difficulty. No pressure just a bunch of friends having fun together.

Our inspiration: Our Horde Guild <Minstrels of Doom> has been together since 2010. We quickly developed strong friendships and genuinely enjoyed playing WoW with one another. Our approach had always been to raid on Normal to get an idea of the fights then switch to Heroic. We found we enjoyed it more when we stopped caring about loot, meters, progression or number of wipes. So at the start of Antorus we decided to stick to normal difficulty and just relax and have fun with friends. What a difference that made! Raid nights were filled with fun, friendship and laughter instead of stress and drama.
For the upcoming expansion, we have decided to alter this approach slightly. We also want to do this on an Alliance team as well. Once normal is on farm, most raids can be cleared in one night. Not having to min/max and stress about everything will allow us to also raid a second night on Alliance.
The Horde Team is on the Nesingwary/Vek'nilash/Nazgrel server group, and the Alliance Guild is on the Thorium Brotherhood/Farstriders/Silver Hand server group.

So we are looking for like minded people to join us. We are small right now with a raid team of 18 people, but have some players returning soon. We want to get to about 20 people. Raid Nights are Mondays and Fridays from 8:30 to 11:30 pm EST.

We are a bit older, avg age likely late 30s. We have married couples, professionals and try to remain drama free.

In keeping with casual mindframe we love to help each other with crafting and consumables, etc. And off nights we run Mythic + and old raids and help people with levelling, professions, class quests, etc.

If you are interested contact me at: Tega#1389.


Hey Epiphany!

Infinite Improbablility - Mug’thol is a casual raiding guild that has been around since Burning Crusade. We pride ourselves on being mature and relaxed that focuses on having a good time while earning those purple pixels!

If you are interested contact me in game and we can talk more.

Eternal Sacrifice is now recruiting some like minded perople. Raid times are 8pm-11pm EST Tuesday Wednesday. Started the guild originally on khaz Modan but now on emerald dream. Lead the guild to 5 years of server firsts and was top 2 on khaz modan since the beginning. Wanna have fun and have like minded people that progress? Let’s get it going.

Turalyon is an amazingly tight knit community of guilds dedicated to growing the realm as a whole. You won’t find a server with stronger identity. We make it a point to excel not just as our individual guilds, but also to make all the guilds of the realm stronger. Those of us who did finish early boosted our realm rank, but we don't really have enough overall mythic guilds to sustain that momentum while the larger realms knock us back down the remaining portion of the tier despite having highly competitive guilds. This is where you come in!

Come find a home in one of our many wonderful guilds and join our realm community!

Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/turalyon
Realm Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/communities/Turalyon
Realm Forums: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/1182757/

If you're looking for a list of guilds on Turalyon, here ya go (updating for BFA, the list will be expanding):

We also run the major recruitment hub for everyone (~5k people): https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB

Our realm is behind the !turalyon tag. ^_^ Hope to see you there!
Hey there!

Who: Haven
Where: Rivendare (subset of Spirestone, 6 total servers linked!)
Difficulty: Normal/Heroic
When: Tues, Weds, Thurs 10pm-1230am EST.
Website: www.haven-rivendare.com (feel free to apply/read more about us here!)
Real ID: Tyrandir#11910 or Muzei#1983
Current Needs: Melee! Off specs always welcome.

About Us:
Haven is a semi-casual raiding guild that finishes heroic content in a timely fashion. We are a group of friends with full time lives outside of the game, but during our 7.5 hours of raid time a week we are still able to clear normal and heroic content in a timely fashion. We aim to be in the top ranks of our server and stay in the 10k ranking worldwide.

Many of us have been raiding together for a long time now. Some of us since TBC, Wrath, and Cata. We are friends, and we push each other to be better. We will push you to do better. Open, honest, respectful communication is one of the tenants of Haven. If you don’t like being told not to stand in fire, this isn’t the guild for you.

Legion progression:

11/11H Antorus, the Burning Throne – AotC
9/9H Tomb of Sargeras – AotC
10/10H The Nighthold – AotC
3/3H Trial of Valor - AotC
7/7H The Emerald Nightmare – AotC

Look forward to hopefully hearing from you!
Graveyard guardians might be something to look at
**Who are we?**

<BBEG Removal Squad> [A] [Sargeras] is a brand new guild that comes from a small community of players who decided to get back into wow. All of us have played in previous expansions, and looking to get back to that fun raiding experience.

**What does BBEG stand for?**

It stands for Big Bad Evil Guy. Most of us play a lot of tabletop rpgs, and decided to carry our name into that.

**Our goals**

Our goals is to provide a fun time both i n and out of raiding. For our raiding goals we wish to push into mythic, however we will do heroics first to make sure we have the numbers and the synergy to do it. Outside of raids most of us PvP, work on professions, or M+.

**What are we looking for?**

- Tank: Full, could use offspec tank
- Melee dps: all
- Healer: full, could use offspec heals
- Ranged dps: all

Raid times are Friday and Saturday 8pm EST to 11pm EST. We use discord for communications.

If you are interested or have any other questions feel free to contact anyone of the following:

Bnet: Norendrr#1863
Discord Norendrr#4693

Bnet: Taboo#11846
Discord: Taboo#9033
We are a more mature crowd (30s-40s) that understands the pressure and time requirements of real life. Mainly are focused on Heroic AotC raiding and M+ progression/alt clears and doing raid/dungeon achievements when they are current content.

btag = Armageddon#1974
discord = Skybolt#2791

Here is an overview of the guild info.

Armageddon Industries --- ADULT raiding guild.
(Antorus 11/11H AotC, ToS 9/9H AotC, NH 10/10H AotC, EN 4/7M & 7/7H AotC, ToV 3/3H AotC)
Horde - Area 52 server (PVE)
Ages 21+ (30+ preferred)

Raid Times
Core = T/Th 11pm-2am EST.
Open Alt N Farm PuG Night = Sun 11pm-2am EST.
M+ night = Wed 11pm

We are considering MATURE ADULT applicants.

We use Discord. A voice "interview" is required as we only add people that will fit in with our community and have similar gaming goals. This way xfers feel good about the real life cash investment.

About US

Our guild environment/community is like back in the glory days of WotLK. We are an older group, ages 25-40s with most of us in our mid 30s to early 40s. A mature atmosphere free of stress, vulgarity, discrimination, and all that other toxic stuff is our top priority. We are more than just raiding and focus on building gaming friendships with like minded adults. Some of us play other Blizz games together. We care about the player behind the toon! We are a "real life first guild" meaning a few of our guys are what we call flex raiders due to their schedules that attend when they can, but progression is not effected.

We do optimize our 6 hours a week very well with setting up the raid 15 min before start, having 1st pull right on time, and very low down time between pulls. When we have something on farm we are a bit more relaxed and chatty, but everyone knows that during progression we are all business and voice com is only for calling out stuff. Our min expectations are AotC with time to farm Heroic before next raid drops. We would like mythic kills, but we will not put in the time/stress for hard core mythic progression as its not our focus. Our raiding goal is to balance challenge with fun in a no stress environment.


More info including guild mission, raid rules, recruitment needs, other guild events, etc. info can be found at our current recruitment post on the guild recruitment forum.
Trying to get the last few spots locked down for our Heroic core. Have everything but one more solid healer, looking for a non tree/ h Pally healer, would love a priest seeing as we don't have any but I'll gladly take a MW or shammy as well. If you can make the raid times and enjoy having fun while we kill bosses then you're welcome to join in on the fun.

US - Spirestone Horde

About Windfall
We are looking to round out our Heroic core group for BFA! We are NOT a Mythic raiding guild, though many of us have Mythic experience. Most of us have been raiding together since MoP and still believe in having fun while still pushing progression raiding in 2 days.

Healers - Non Druid/ H Pally

We will consider any exceptional players regardless of class and spec as all progression raid spots are earned by merit. Applicants are asked to attend both raid nights, bring a sence of humor, knowledge of your class, and an understanding of raiding.

Wednesday/ Thursday 7:00-10:00 PM EST

Contact Information


If you're interested add one of the officers listed above and we would be happy to talk!
Grievance is 18+ casual raiding guild on Proudmoore-Alliance that raids Tues/Friday/Saturday from 6-8 pm pst with an optional hour on Friday/Saturdays. We understand life and family happen and do not expect 100% raid attendance. We had 2 raid teams clearing all Heroic Content through the entirety of Legion. We managed to get AotC for all of Legions raid encounters. We like to consider ourselves accomplished casual raiders, we are still casual but when it comes to getting new bosses and content down, we take it seriously while still having fun. Mythic raiding is not 1 of our goals, but we do occasionally step into it when everything lines up right.

If raiding isn’t your thing, we also have plenty of Mythic+ runs going on and just trying to have fun! We have a group of players that love to push mythic+ keys and try to help newer players learn them as well.

We have a decent amount of people who are really looking forward to the warfronts and warmode come BfA. We will be having some organized pvp nights when BfA starts which should be a ton of fun!

As a member of our guild, you gain the benefits of being a member of a multi-gaming guild that has been in existence for almost 18 years! We have chapters in a ton of different games to give you the option to stay with the same guild and community! Grievance isn’t just a guild, its a community and a family!

If you wish to contact me for more information, I can be reached through BNet Starlight200#1548, Discord Starley#6436 You can also check out our forums at :


Good luck with your guild hunt. Finding the right guild can make a huge difference :)
CriticalError [Illidan - H] is an Adult Guild built by online friends who game together and are looking to increase our community and raid team. We are all 21+, friendly and looking for like minded people to join our community and our raids. We have a solid group of players who have families and other commitments that can take them away from the game every now and then, so we understand when Real Life happens. We are actively trying to build for BfA so please feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have...

Our Raid Teams:
We are a casual - but progression focused - raiding guild on Illidan - H. A good description of our raid mindset is that we are seriously casual. We like to have fun, but when it's time to down a boss - it's time to down a boss.

Current Progression
11/11 N Antorus
11/11 H Antorus
2/11 M Antorus

We're actively recruiting for our raid teams.
Healer w/ DPS OS

Current raid times were:
Main Raid - 8:00pm to 11:00pm CST (Server Time) Wednesday and Thursday

We have some small groups of players that run Battlegrounds and do some World PvP throughout the week...

If you think are looking for a new home and think we would fit well with you or you with us, please msg anyone online and they will put you in contact with Prepi, Kikaginger or Gorac...

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and I hope to hear from you in game.

Hi, I'm the GM with Mindblown on Bleeding Hollow. We are a semi-causal raiding guild. We pride ourselves with our ability and desire to progress through content while still holding WOW to be what it is - a game. The guild has been around for 6+ years and a lot of us have been playing for most of that time.

We are Currently 11/11 Heroic

We raid Mon, Tue & Wed 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm est time.

If you are interested contact me.
Website: http://www.mindblown.us
Contacts: Therni
Battletag: Ther#1788
Discord: Therni#0534
Guild: Stoic
Faction: Horde
Server: Zul’jin
Stoic is an 18+ no drama guild. We completed AOTC for all raids in legion and are looking to do the same in BFA. We raid Fri and Sat 10PM – 1 AM EST server time. Looking for DPS and Healers to round out our raid team. We are a heroic guild with no interest for Mythic raiding. We also like to complete mythic+ keystones as a guild for people that are interested. Great community that likes to game together and hang out in Discord.
If you are interested add me on Bnet Willy890#1450.

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