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What do you call a resto druid and a balance druid?

Fire wood and hotwings.
We dont want your land, your women, or even your resources, but your memes.
08/06/2018 05:44 AMPosted by Gaeron
Come on now, both factions are fairly funny... and share in the biggest joke ever:

The Pandaren.

No you!
Zerg guild goes to the doctor, says

"Doctor, it hurts when I sit down!"

Doctor takes a look. He says

"What have you been doing the past 2 weeks?"

Zerg guild says

"Trying to raid Orgrimmar."

Doctor says

"That explains it, you're wiping too hard and far too often."
I remember when I first started training to be a monk, every day all of us initiates would gather up and practice our forms and techniques. I chose to focus on one group a day until I mastered them all. One day would be about movement, the next about my Kicking, and I'd move down these lines until I was a master monk. When the day came for me to show off my skills i realized there was one Monk skill I had forgotten.

I forget to finish the punch line
How many Orcs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

One to hold it and an entire creative team to make the plot revolve around him.
Why are Forsaken often not invited to parties?

Because they're dead serious.
How's a balance druid cut his hair? Eclipse it.
Why are rogues with hunched backs lining up to go straight?

So they can be a cut above the rest.
nightborne be drinking arced wine
Have you met Vol'jin's dog?

He leads the Barkspear.
Two Mana Buns are sitting on a conjured table. One turns to the other and says

"Man, it's hot out here isn't it?"

The second bun looks to the first and replies

"Teldrassil Has Earned The Achievement: Stood In The Fire"
What was the most popular dance on Argus?
The Mac'Areena
Why did the mages steal our walking stick and then dissect it to see how it works?

Because they're obsessed with our cane knowledge.
What do you call a tauren with a nervous twitch?

Beef jerky.
*Khadgar sipping lemonade and tanning on the island of Kul'Tiras*

"I wonder if I'll ever miss those 'Dadgar' jokes..."
How do Shaman get their supplies from place to place?

They totem.
Why don't warriors carry much cash?

They prefer to charge.

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