[A] <Edge of Light> LF active members

Cairne and Perenolde
We are a guild that is looking for more active members and chill people to play with.

I am a moderator/ Sherpa at /r/DestinySherpa. It is a community based around teaching raids to players in an environment where they can mess up without getting yelled at. We created this guild when we came back to the game and we have approached this with the same mindset that we always use. !@#$%^-s are not welcomed, We aim for a fun community where players can learn and hang out without having to worry about being number shamed or harassed.

We are a chill raid group and we pride ourselves on being able to progress through content without having to make it a second job and without number shaming people.

Our raid team is full atm, We have 32 people on the roster with only 30 people able to raid. With normal falloff and breaks, we should have room in about 4 months.


We achieved AoTC on every legion raid well before the cutoffs.

For voice chat we use Discord. Voice chat is only required for raiders but it is encouraged for everyone as we always have people on chatting.

Guild Alliance
We are one of the founding members of the Perenolde/Cairne Guild Alliance. The PCGA is a group of like minded guilds that are looking to be able to pool resources and members. All members of EoL are welcome into the alliance as part of member ship into the guild.

If you are a GM or officer in another guild on the server and you would like to inquire about joining the PCGA please let me know and I can provide more information.

I want to try and build a PvP team but it will be slow going as I can only PvP a couple nights a week. If we get a core of PvPers then we will actively recruit for this play style.


Contact info-
You can contact me on reddit (fastest way) or through Bnet- Raylan#11935

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